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  • hi Chazz, We're still coming the week of March17. The early part of the week looks best for us to meet up. What day works best for you? You can PM me. I can't PM you. It's blocked. (being an admin I don't blame you lol!)
    Hey Man! The wife and I will be in Az on an upcoming trip March 16-23 and we will be basing in the area around Sedona. I'd like to come by the offices in Prescott and meet you all sometime during that week. Perhaps we can grab a Yeti Stout or 3? This will be our first time in the area, so it's going to be a general off roading/exploration/ camping trip. My wife is lining up a stargazing tour one night, and a one day kayak trip. If it's possible to visit, let me know when would be a good time to come by. I know EXPO is coming up and you guys will be busier than normal. If there isn't a convenient time we understand.
    Safe Travels,
    Alan and Scheryl Wood
    Hey Chazz! I used your idea for the radio mounting location. It worked great. I've been trying to locate a "dash box" similar to yours but have had no luck Instead of bolting thru the dash, I flipped the mounting bracket and used the super adhesive velcro type ribbon sold at Radio Shack to mount the bracket into the indentation in the top of the dash. Also put a small piece under the rear of the radio. It's rock solid and hasn't budged. Just got back from the shakedown cruise to Colorado, and it was amazing. The new Disco really impressed me with it's performance even though it's stock. m Thanks again for the idea. I'll probably steal some more LOL. I think I'm going to build a bar with end brackets that runs the length of the dash so I can use RAM mounts for iphone, gps, etc. for my first fab project. Cheap and a good place to start. Later, Alan Wood
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