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    Australian and British bloggers arrested in Iran

    1953 was the action, not the reaction
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    Why F-550 instead of F-450 chassis cab?

    I believe that the air springs are optional. An option I would forgo if planning on leaving North America.
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    Power Chip?

    I have never owned a Fuso but I have owned many 4wds over the last 50 years from Landcruisers to a U500. I strongly agree with the comments re increasing low gears. First thought is adding an Atlas 4 spd TC.
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    Unimog vs. ....

    When I purchased my my U500 chassis it was the only decent 4x4 medium-heavy 4x4 chassis sold in the USA that had any hope of parts/service in most countries. It is true that it is currently a bit of an "orphan" in the US but that does not mean I can't get parts; I get them quickly from Merex in...
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    Farewall Land Cruiser?

    My most recent Land Cruiser is a frame off rebuild OJ50 LV-B 1988 from Brazil. The only new LC I’d buy is a 70 series.
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    Extreme use Earthroamer

    Or up the North Canol Road into NWT.
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    Looking to convert MB 1019 AF. Need help! :)

    EPC is electronic parts catalog Try putting “WDB” or “WD7” in front of the 14 digit number 385s are about 10% taller than the 9R22.5s. But you will need single ~11.75” reversible rims to get the tracks about equal.
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    Looking to convert MB 1019 AF. Need help! :)

    Have you obtained the data card from the EPC? Your VIN is missing 3 letter/numbers from the front, the first ones are WD. I’m not sure anything can be simpler than an OM352 or 366. What size tires came on it? 11R22.5 are the same diameter as 385s. If it has 11s and you want bigger size you want...
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    Can you temporarily bring into Europe a US-registered pickup with a bull bar?

    For insurance I have used My USA registered U500 has a massive bullbar; no problem entering the EU in Antwerp and Latvia.
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    F450 converted to 37” super singles

    Very nice and good to know that the MPT version has high capacity. People might be interested that Michelin now makes a LR 150 version of the 335 XZL. With only 68mph speed rating of course. Might be semi unobtainium in North America. But Goodyear G275 are obtainable. Does F550 have the same...
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    F450 converted to 37” super singles

    Additionally 335s will fit on 9” wheels. What is the wheels’ load capacity?
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    Rickson wheel alternative

    If you want quality and money isn’t any concern, Hutchinson.
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    MB 1120 Coming to America!

    Another piece of advice perhaps too late.... With only 50L black water tank it’s good for over a week when I am by myself. But what fun is that? With daughter and significant other only 3 days. Get the biggest possible black water tank. Gray water is easy to dump.
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    Diesel for overlanding- are you happy with the choice?

    Who cares what the name of the fuel is, my diesels can run on Mazola, Jet A or motor oil. Or now NG. It still runs on the diesel cycle. Please save the sarcasm. I learned about HPDI on a 4wd trip with a Westport engineer in about 2003.