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    Unimog experts

    Econic and Unimog are two different models.
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    Michelin XC-4 7.50-16s Performance

    If they are like any other Michelin 7.50R16 I am (very) familiar with they are about 31.9” tall. If the Ford is a 250 or 350 I would look for 8.25R16 (33.9”) or 9.00R16 or 255/100R16 (up to 36.4”). Also check dates and speed rating , they might well be unsafe at Interstate speeds.
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    MBE926 question on oil pans

    It is a very large sump for a 7.2L motor -29L. You could have the pan modified at some expense and still end up with 24-25L probably, still way more than the ubiquitous 6.7L Cummins. My Unimog with the 906 has a similar pan. You of course would need to make sure that the pickup has room . It...
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    Reliability of 4wd conversions

    My worthless suggestions: If there’s a factory diesel delete EGR and any other post 2006 emission items. Keep factory 5 or 6 speed manual. Add very HD gear drive transfer case. Keep factory rear axle, add Detroit Locker. Use Dana 80 as front axle as minimum. With ARB. Avoid sexy 18” tires, use...
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    Blacksmith Engineering Company Cummins Turbo Diesel Defender

    I like the engine transmission choices and especially the diff choices. The 3.9 is however a noisy vibrating low revving engine, a downside for many. What are rpms in 5th at 60mph; also is the S5-42 the close ratio with 4.14 1st or wide ratio 5.72? And what is price range for e.g. the shown vehicle?
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    Michelin XZL. Real world feedback?

    8.25s will usually fit on a vehicle that had 7.50s with a bit of room, only 1” more radius and same rims. I have a set, were on BJ60 Landcruiser. I have had good experiences with 395/85R20 XZL on Unimog U500 camper. Of course 7.50/8.25 XZL are almost unique as far as being light truck tires...
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    Another expedition truck on portals...

    I carry the parts to rebuild TWO portals in the field. I suppose as a corollary to Murphy’s Law I haven’t had to do it. But many others have. A U500 owner had to do it in Marvdasht Iran a few years ago getting parts through import embargo. Due to oil migration into diff. In that case temperature...
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    Another expedition truck on portals...

    Well let’s see. I have been lucky, just one inside oil seal inside front portal in almost 100k mi. Problem started between Perm and Suzdal Russia. Ask Bill Caid about his previous owned U1300 and the portals. He did the best possible job in maintenance and rebuilding and still lost 3 over a few...
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    Another expedition truck on portals...

    I can comment re 1st and 2nd hand Report’s about portal reliability. I have had a high but not perfect level of reliability in 99600mi. Other owners particularly with previous owners have done worse. If there’s one area of trouble with Unimogs it’s the portals.
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    Another expedition truck on portals...

    Portals are great as far as ground clearance but definitely NOT as far as reliability!!!!
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    Open Differentials vs. Traction Control vs. Lockers

    I would never own any serious 4wd without manual or automatic lockers. I’ve doing the 4wd thing for 48 years. No matter whether 4000 lb FJ40 or 27000 lb Unimog camper.
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    Driver's license for BIG trucks

    No, I am answering Felipe’s question correctly. You are sowing needless confusion. It may be a surprise to you but Texas is not the center of the world.
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    Tire pressure

    Completely wrong. Proper tire pressure is entirely dependent on load, although it is better to be a “bit” higher than lower.
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    Driver's license for BIG trucks

    What is incorrect? Felipe and I are legally licensed for RVs in our home jurisdictions and therefore are legal in North America. Do you actually attest that out of state drivers driving heavy RVs in Texas get stopped? You just said each state honors other jurisdictions’ licenses. You are...
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    Driver's license for BIG trucks

    Just out of curiosity who built the camper?