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    12v to 24v trickle charger At solstice 10W/sq m = 1W onto panel. Average over 24h. Should get 100mW output = 3.5mA. Enough to compensate for 14%/month self discharge rate. Which is much higher than actual.
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    12v to 24v trickle charger Another idea: leave inside cab in the winter. Even the tiny amount of power generated in December (maybe 10-20 mA for 5-6 hours/day) will probably be enough; how much do AGM batteries self discharge/day...
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    12v to 24v trickle charger

    What about using a charge controller for a 24v battery system using the 12v system as input instead of the small solar panel? Are there any such solar panels that actually increase voltage (and decrease current proportionately of course), rather than the other way around? The wheelchair charger...
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    12v to 24v trickle charger

    Does anyone know of a reliable trickle charger/battery maintainer that will charge 24v batteries (small) off a 12v system (generally kept up with solar, or else by being plugged in). Sterling’s 12-24v trickle charger is exceedingly unreliable, have been through several. All that’s needed is 1A...
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    May I ask what is the overall height including rooftop things? 2nd spare is very wise; some areas (like all of South America for example) 395/85R20s of any flavor are nonexistent and could take many weeks to import and get through customs and delivered to a small remote place. I assisted a...
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    2 spare tires?

    Yes; I’ll go ahead and put my rig on 11R22.5s; dually in rear, almost overloaded singles in front. Of course my exceedingly useful CTIS will be useless. Pray tell what should I be using, instead of the stock size? Please forgive sarcasm.
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    Diesel 4 speed manual Class C

    I wonder if it’s a real truck 4 speed or the POS 4 speed overdrive transmission that came with 75 Ford vans? In any case a ZF S5-42 would bolt to the block.
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    Fuso FM260-Based Expedition Vehicle

    A very well thought out vehicle. “Bulletproofed” by non-abusive use. And able to use high sulfur fuel. Simple, worldwide available drivetrain parts.
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    Ram 5500 Fire Crew Carrier Overlanding Camper Build

    Very nice. I know I’m being repetitive (and a nag), but considering “lack of inventory in US”, have you figured out where to put an unmounted spare, so that a seriously damaged tire doesn’t ruin a long trip? Believe me, I have been there and done that. Like how strong is the roof? And how high...
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    Truck prep for the Dempster Highway

    Nice rig, I’d like to know mechanical specs; but trailer looks proportionately big.
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    Truck prep for the Dempster Highway

    Correct. The tree is on the ascent to Chandalar Shelf from the south. Climbing out of the valley of the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk. The only “trees” on the North Slope in the vicinity of the Endicott and Romanzof Mts are dwarf birches, about knee high. I may have seen some tiny spruce in the...
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    Truck prep for the Dempster Highway

    I doubt that picture on p.1 refueling was “just south of Deadhorse in June”. The very last tree south of Deadhorse is on the ascent to Chandalar Shelf, south of Atigun Pass, which is itself about 150 miles south of Deadhorse. There’s NO spruce trees in Alaska north of the Brooks Range. Not only...
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    this is the one

    Lockers are easy to retrofit (like ARB; Detroit if FF). LHD obviously not. So far I really like the OM314 in my OJ50. Even better when I install (all free) H55F/TC w/PTO, 4.56s/lockers, 34s. 315,000 IS a lot of miles.
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    I am very seriously considering replacing LPG stove with induction. Will eliminate fire/CO hazards, free up more room in “trunk” and reduce rear axle load by ~70kg…(~1%). And no more hassles with ports, roro ships, and total absence of worldwide standards re LPG fittings. Got lots of solar...