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    One month expedition to Arctic swamps

    Nice. I thought C303-304 had petrol engines.
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    Russia. Republic Altai. 2019

    Altai Republic was the most beautiful part of Russia when we went to Mongolia in 2016.
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    International 4700 4X4 Rescue Conversion

    I would suggest June or July for the Arctic Circle rather than October
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    Tatra vs MB crewcab 6x6

    Get the MB for much better parts availability
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    Trackmaster Tyre Recall

    Doesn’t the truck come stock with 16s? Obviously it would need new ~9” wide 16” rims.
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    Trackmaster Tyre Recall

    Michelin makes a 325/85R16 XZL with LR140.
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    Australian and British bloggers arrested in Iran

    1953 was the action, not the reaction
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    Why F-550 instead of F-450 chassis cab?

    I believe that the air springs are optional. An option I would forgo if planning on leaving North America.
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    Power Chip?

    I have never owned a Fuso but I have owned many 4wds over the last 50 years from Landcruisers to a U500. I strongly agree with the comments re increasing low gears. First thought is adding an Atlas 4 spd TC.
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    Unimog vs. ....

    When I purchased my my U500 chassis it was the only decent 4x4 medium-heavy 4x4 chassis sold in the USA that had any hope of parts/service in most countries. It is true that it is currently a bit of an "orphan" in the US but that does not mean I can't get parts; I get them quickly from Merex in...
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    Farewall Land Cruiser?

    My most recent Land Cruiser is a frame off rebuild OJ50 LV-B 1988 from Brazil. The only new LC I’d buy is a 70 series.
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    Extreme use Earthroamer

    Or up the North Canol Road into NWT.
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    Looking to convert MB 1019 AF. Need help! :)

    EPC is electronic parts catalog Try putting “WDB” or “WD7” in front of the 14 digit number 385s are about 10% taller than the 9R22.5s. But you will need single ~11.75” reversible rims to get the tracks about equal.