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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Less is more. I like it.
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    ExPo 100 Series Registry

    Year, model, color, etc: 2003 LX470 Name of owner/screen name: changingground How long have you owned your 100 series? Is this your first? First in the Lc/lx family, but owned a Sequoia previously, and son has a 3rd gen 4runner. Also had several Toyota trucks over the years, including 95...
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    Toyota Sequoia quest for information...

    They are prone to cracked exhaust manifolds as well. I loved my 2002, but the tick tick ticking of the manifold (and the prospect of replacement) was annoying.
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    WANTED: Rigid MTB Surly, Niner, etc.

    I’d look at the buy/sell forum on Pinkbike. I’ve had good luck there, and this is the mtb selling time of year.
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    Blender, My LX450/FZJ80 + FJ45esk + GM + Land Rover crazy concoction

    Keep on grinding away. I appreciate your dedication to sharing even some of the story with us.
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    Blender, My LX450/FZJ80 + FJ45esk + GM + Land Rover crazy concoction

    I'm trying to encourage my kids to think outside of their respective boxes. Yours is a great example. Keep on plugging.
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    Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread

    Having watched your build videos, what are you considering going forward with?
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    Pro-Rig V2.0 - Home Built Compact Composite Pop-up

    I use a landscape materials place, as much of what they sell is sold by weight.
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    would you buy this? too many miles??

    Can you verify it hasn't been flooded? There are a lot of storm damaged vehicles in that part of the country, and flooded vehicles often show their issues months after they "dry out."
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    Blender, My LX450/FZJ80 + FJ45esk + GM + Land Rover crazy concoction

    Are you planning on smoothing and filling, or just painting over? I know you don't lean towards the show rig side of things, but can't help thinking how pretty it could be. Either way, amazing vision. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    Living Out of My 2000 LX 470

    Are you planning a platform conversion to allow for comfortable sleeping, as in the linked thread? How are you set for tools and work space while you undertake the conversion? It seems making your LX into a rolling apartment will require having everything dialed in.
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    1985 Toyota Hilux Restoration-Major Modification

    That's some special suspension/axle work there. I wonder if the front axle warped when they welded on the brace? Are you planning on replacing the axle housing with an OEM housing, or go aftermarket? Pirate 4x4 has a wealth of info on Toyota axles and replacements. Look forward to following...
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    E350 Extended with Pop top, sleeping for 5 people?

    Way back in the day my dad built a camper in a 1967 Ford 3/4 ton Econoline van entirely out of 3/8" plywood, screws and weld-wood glue, and 1x2 pine strips. We travelled the entire US in it, all five of us. I'm pretty sure my sisters and I were about your children's ages. My point is, it's...
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    1 Bored Clerk's DIY Camper

    Thanks fir the info. I'm intrigued by this modification to your truck, and will be watching your build as well. I may have to learn how to weld aluminum, tho.