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    Sad End to This Cautionary Tale, As Folks Start to Head Back Out Into the Wilds, Pls Be Careful

    I haven't checked into the Spot for many years but back when I was thinking about using one I heard tales of the signal not going through. Since there was no way to check on the device if the signal was sent correctly people would press the button and sit back thinking help was on the way when...
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    Tool bag kitchen storage

    Do you have a link?
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    GROUP BUY: Kermit Chair Group Buy - Expedition Portal Logo Optional!

    Is it too late to get in on this order?
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    Goal Zero and 3rd party solar

    I have a Renogy solar suitcase that I connect to my lead-acid Yeti. The Goal Zero doesn't recognize the panels, which I plug in with Anderson plugs, but it does charge the battery pack. The display doesn't update unless I turn it off and back on.
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    Starter Comms — What should I get for basic comms to let me start joining group runs, etc?

    I got my ham license about 20 years ago. All I did to study was find a website with practice tests. They went through all the questions in the pool and I just took the tests until I was consistently getting 100%. This took less than a week. Then I went in and took the test, which was free...
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    I have a Toddy ( cold brew coffee maker that I use exclusively to make coffee. I add two ounces of the concentrate to 6 ounces of hot water and I have a cup of coffee. The taste is so much smoother than drip brewed coffee. When...
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    2 Scepter 20l MFC fuel Cans Olive Drab Tucson, AZ SOLD

    I updated the listing. I guess I forgot to put in the text. They do have vent tubes. No spout.
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    2 Scepter 20l MFC fuel Cans Olive Drab Tucson, AZ SOLD

    No spouts. Seals are tight. They have vent tubes.
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    2 Scepter 20l MFC fuel Cans Olive Drab Tucson, AZ SOLD

    2 Military Fuel Canisters in olive drab made by Specter. They were made in 2004 and say Fuel 20L. These are military surplus. The seal up well The threads don't seem to be stripped. They come with new Viton gaskets Both have vent tubes. They are $70 each.
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    Small portable electric. Cooler

    Get an Alpicool 15qt fridge. It's cheap and very frugal on electrical use.
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    In Praise of Pie Irons

    Like a pie iron but for making corn dogs.
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    need some help deciding on a 2m/70cm radio

    I bought the Kenwood TM-D710G the other week and have really been enjoying it.
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    Which Radio ?

    Which handheld GMRS do you like?
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    In Praise of Pie Irons

    I used inline quotes for the links but they aren't different color or anything so they are hard to see. Here's the link again. And here's the link to the what a pie iron is...