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    Trying to figure out my new GPS (Garmin GPSMap 64s)

    For my bike, I had the Montana GPS. It comes with a snap-in holder/charger that's weatherproof. If you stick a foam earplug in the battery case, it's vibration-proof as well. You can set it up to warn you when you're driving over the speed limit, or show you the nearest gas station. I hooked...
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    Best Safari style shirt for Expedition and Casual wear

    I have a couple REI Sahara short sleeve shirts. They also make long sleeve ones. They are nice looking and easy to take care of.
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    APRSDroid on Android Headunit

    Thanks for that information. I tried using the APRSDroid that was already on my unit but it wasn't finding the map. That could have been because the map wasn't where it was supposed to be. Since I moved the map, I should try again.
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    APRSDroid on Android Headunit

    I watched a few videos yesterday about hooking the Kenwood TM-D710GA up to a phone to plot the APRS beacons from the radio. So I decided to try and do it with my Atoto A6 headunit. I didn't want to pull the unit out of the dash until I got it figured out so I plugged my FTDI USB CAT...
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    I have the 275 with the 6db antenna. It really picks up signals.
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    I live in southern AZ and with my MXT275 I can reach repeaters that cover AZ, NM and sometimes UT. There is lots of activity around here for those who want to shoot the sht, or "talk". Sorry to force you to learn radio lingo. I have the 6dB antenna on the back of my rig and get lots of...
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    No, the phone doesn't need to be active. uses Google Maps so if you want to see where you are, or where people are then you need wifi. Since it's a webpage, I don't know if you can download maps for it to use. But APRSDroid doesn't need a connection, as far as I know. The phone just...
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    For my mobile APRS setup, I use a Baofeng VX-5R connected by a 2 pin Kenwood connection to 1/4" cable to my Samsung phone. After I got it set up, I haven't had any problems sending or receiving APRS data.
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    I have an old Airguide 1601 compass. It mounts to the dash and if you push a button on the front it sort of lights up. It seems to be pretty accurate.
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    I am an Apple user but for APRS on my handheld, I use an old Samsung phone. that I picked up cheap. The phone acts as the TNC and APRSDroid sends and receives the information.
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    Small Meat Freezer for Offroad Teardop

    I have a 16qt (?) Alpicool that I bought a few years ago to use as a freezer for camping. So far it works great. It's also good for bringing on shroter trips to use as a fridge. I went on a 3 day trip and used it to carry sandwich makings as well as a bottle of wine or two. It's great for...
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    Fridge only or fridge/freezer?

    When I was in Namibia, I went to an outdoor supply store. They had National Luna freezer/fridges for about a third of the price they are in America. I couldn't find anyone with a scale though so I didn't know if the box would weigh over 50 lbs. I have a Dometic fridge, about 50 liters, I...
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    Handmade Leather Boots for Overlanding / Hiking / Etc.?

    I have a pair of those. They have really gone up in price since I bought mine. I used to wear them regularly for my desert hikes. I need to pull them out and see how being in the closet for years has treated them.
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    Watches.......the other type!

    Most watch companies photograph their watches at either 10:10, 1:50, or 4:40, 7:20. It's so you can see all the writing on the dial in the photograph. From Omega's website...
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    Handmade Leather Boots for Overlanding / Hiking / Etc.?

    I bought a pair of Russel Minimalist Short Thula Thulas from their sales sheet. Like another poster said, their sizes are not at like other shoe companies. I called them to verify that that the shoes I ordered would possibly fit. I wear a 9.5 EEEE and the shoes I bought were something like 8...