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    Any love for Patriot Campers here?

    After years of using our Skycamp on top of our JLUR, we decided to go the trailer route and ordered an X1N, onto which we will mount the Skycamp. Does anyone tow a Patriot camper with an unlifted JLUR on 33's? If so, what length/drop ball mount do you use?
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    Mounting skycamper 2.0 on JKU so you can still use the sun roofs

    If it would be helpful, I could put a straightedge on the bottom of my Skycamp rails and determine for certain if they clear the rear rack tubing. I could also estimate how far back it could go before it runs afoul of the rear window. But...I have a JL, so not sure how relevant it would all be.
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    Mounting skycamper 2.0 on JKU so you can still use the sun roofs

    I have a JLU with a Gobi Stealth rack and a Skycamp, and I know that the rails on the bottom of the Skycamp will hit the FRONT of the rack, preventing it from sliding too far forward. However, the tubing on the front of the rack is raised up a bit, while the rear tubing on the rack sits a bit...
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    Depends on where you're doing it. Also, just because you can't find a trace doesn't mean it has no negative impact.
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    Ways to Keep Warm in Your RTT

    Nemo Sonic -20º bag. And a Nalgene filled with boiling water about 20 minutes before turning in.
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    I have an Aeropress and am not all that impressed with it. It's a bit fussy. I like the GSI Glacier Stainless Javapress, personally.
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    Roof racks - Garvin , Gobi or Rhino - Jeep

    I have a 2018 JLUR with a Gobi rack, a Skycamp 2.0, and a Batwing awning and it works great. The weight rating for the hardtop is very low, so a rack that mounts to the rain gutters is probably not a great idea if you plan to mount an RTT. Also, I live in a pretty rainy place, so I decided...
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    Adding crossbars to hard shell roof top tent

    I can't speak for any other RTT's, but our iKamper Skycamp's outer shell is quite thin and would likely not support any significant weight. Also, if you plan to drill into it to mount the crossbars you'd have to take measures to prevent leakage in rainy conditions, and given the stresses those...
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    I need a route building program for PC

    Depending on how much you need the program to find good routes for you, what I do might also work for you. I ride motorcycles (street and dirt), and often do long trips, so I subscribe to REVER. I create the route in REVER, then save the GPX to my computer. Then I upload the GPX to Garmin...
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    Roof top tent options for JKU

    I have a JLU, not a JKU, but there's not much difference from the standpoint of RTT choices. We have a Gobi Stealth rack and an Skycamp 2.0. Love the Skycamp. Lighter than most and set up/break down is really fast and easy. It's about the same size as a king size bed. Definitely on the...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep