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    Van camping in -40

    I was thinking the same thing, I was looking at the cubic mini to install in a full-size van with a fibreglass hightop. Just like you the temps get low here in a Manitoba winter ,a woods 3 star sleeping bag and a wood stove for dry heat would be nice and warm on a cold Winter night.
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    A Hawk in the Arctic

    I have camped out in a tent with a -40 woods sleeping bag the biggest thing for keeping dry up north is wood stove. And you can buy a sardine wood stove that is made for a boat small and very compact stove. Have the internal chimney removable for transport but have the stove mounted in a...
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    pop up for fullsize truck

    I saw this on in Regina Saskatchewan Canada all fiberglass by the looks of things Pop Top Gator Truck Camper Price $500.00 Address Saskatchewan S0N 1Z0, Canada View map For Sale By Owner Year 1976 Colour White pop top Gator truck camper fits an 8' box, good...