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    My 2008 KLR ADV starter bike.

    Hope you don't have to sell it. Seems like whenever I sell a bike it takes forever to get another one. Hope it works out for you bro. You won't have any problem selling it for sure!! Good Luck
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    My 2008 KLR ADV starter bike.

    DragonX, I sold my 2007 KLR 2 years ago. Decided to do some touring and traded for a new 2012 Ninja 1000. I saw alot of KLR's when I was on all the time and I have to say that is the SWEETEST KLR I have seen...very nice job!!!
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    Looking for an article on the KLR 650 for S. Americal travel

    Go to look for a post by SgtMarty he did it. It's a addicting thread,very detailed should really help you out. Try this also I had a KLR and I would ride that bike anywhere no problem.