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    Kofa New Year's Celebration 2020 - Shakedown With Our New Dog

    Thanks for the report! I've enjoyed a couple trips to KofA since moving to Mesa and thinking about another again soon.
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    Which Fridge

    Top door with slide out will be more efficient as you don't loose all the cool air when you open it but I like the convenience of the traditional door and don't seem to have issues with battery life and keeping things cool.
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    Dogs traveling in camper?

    Four dogs ride in the back seat of the Tundra. They want to be close to us and really I'd rather have them there than in the FWC.
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    Which Fridge

    Isotherm Cruise 65 fit in my 2002 Grandby with no issues though if I were doing it again I'd have gone with the 85 or even the 130 even if I had to modify just to have more fridge space.
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    Another Road Trip; TX-NM-AZ-UT-CO, July 2019

    Heads up that right now the road from Apache Junction to Roosevelt Dam is closed due to the Woodbury fire. Hopefully that'll change by the time you get out this way.
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    Rainy days and condensation

    I used to live in the PNW (eastern Washington) and even in winter used it for skiing and climbing trips without condensation issues. That was generally 2-3 people no dogs. Now if you get on thee wet side of things it becomes a whole nother bal;l game.
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    Rainy days and condensation

    We have two people and four dogs in the camper and rarely have issues. One of the fans is a Maxx Air that can run even when closed so that keeps the air moving even if the other fan is just cracked a bit. Also pop up in the driveway when I get home and run the fans and let things air out if I...
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    2 week family vacation report (NM, UT, CO)

    Great report! Enjoying the WRT pics, makes me want to go back!
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    Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route ( AZBDR )

    Subscribed! Being relatively new to AZ this is on my list of things to do, or at least sections of it. Congrats on the addition! Adventuring with kids is great, they don't remember the days in front of a TV.
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    1st gen Cummins/W250 and FWC Grandby revival

    I have the Isotherm Cruise 65 fridge (wish I'd gone bigger as two people quickly fill it), LED lights, furnace, fantastic fan, Max Air fan over the bed, 12 volt for phones and whatnot and the water pump. It is very rare that I turn on the inverter and plug into the 110 outlet that I have wired...
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    1st gen Cummins/W250 and FWC Grandby revival

    Looks good! If you add more solar you'll probably want another battery as well. On my Grandby I have 2x100W on the roof and 2X115Ah batteries and it works well. Subscribing to follow.
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    FWC Opinions wanted

    I rarely (almost never) plug in. For me 200W solar and 2 batteries is perfect. DC fridge is great, wish I had gone with a larger fridge, 60 litres is nice but it's pretty easy to fill. Second fan would be nice to have, I'll be adding my own sometime soon, probably a Max Air that can be run in...
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    Rohner are great socks but somewhat difficult to find. Point 6 is has become my go to brand and I've been happy with the durability. Darn Tough and Smartwool are both great products as well and I have some of those in the collection as well.
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    Which propane camping fire

    Mike at quikfire was pretty responsive, also was an address I had used. Also spoke with him a few times on the phone when I first got mine, great product except when the wind is blowing.
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    Off Brand Android Tablets with GPS

    That sounds like something to watch for, thanks.