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    Advice on trailer vs teardrop

    Well, I hear you about never camping in a tent in bear country, but... backpackers do it all the time. I do so, but I'm careful. Keep a clean camp. Yup the bear can be one heck of a problem in remote country. Had one fellow tell me "I'd never camp in bear country." I was flabbergasted. That...
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    Wildlife Photography

    Taken yesterday, Chelan County, Washington.
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    Wildlife Photography

    ssc45 - thanks for the photos from Namibia! Regards, Guy
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    Removable Winch

    Several times over the years, I wished that I had a rear-mounted winch instead of one permanently on the front of the vehicle.
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    Dangerous Situations

    I had parked the Jeep, and was taking a walk along the shore of partially-frozen Lake Kluane. So was the bear! I was headed back towards my Jeep, and so was the bear, from the other direction. I got there first. :) The bear was aware of me, but didn't seem particularly interested, it was just...
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    Dangerous Situations

    I was polite to this grizzly I met up in the Yukon a couple of years ago, and it reciprocated by not eating me: Getting back to my Jeep before the bear got any closer helped too. :) Guy
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    Is the TX4x4 club the last to use Citizens Band?

    Ya, I've got my 2-meter HAM radio now, but still keep a good CB hooked up in the Jeep. Great for use in logging areas, so the logging truck drivers know there's someone on their road. Also I still see a lot of group runs & events that require a CB. Mine works great, does what it's supposed to...
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    How often do you disconnect?

    Gosh - out of my league here! :) I just drive my Jeep on scenic dirt roads to cool places and almost never disconnect the sway bar. Seem to get where I want to go anyway. If I sought out tougher routes, I'd disconnect more often. I'd probably disconnect it more often if I just had a pushbutton...
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    2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

    I think the Cherokee & Grand Cherokee vehicles make excellent platforms for overlanding. Yours looks good, and seems to fit your needs well.
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    Official Test Results: Five Ways to Heat a Tent

    MattJ - thanks for the invite to this thread - I must have overlooked it. Have been snow camping, winter-backpacking, etc for a long time now. The photo you saw of my Jeep, trailer & tent was taken, November of 2017 - there was no snow on the ground when I went to bed the night before! :)...
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    Is my Jeep too heavy?

    A few years back, I changed from a full size Dodge Ram pickup to a 2-door JK. Had to make some adjustments! After a couple of years of always going with just light backpacking gear, I picked up a great used Jackwagon Basecamp trailer. It's simple, just an aluminum box on a steel frame with...
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    Hunting Photos

    Ha! Just checked back on Page 1 of this thread. I'm not on Photobucket anymore, and all my photos on that first page vanished. Ah well, no big deal. I just edited them, and replaced the photos! Here's a look at my 2016 season, which was pretty amazing. I took four big game animals, all with my...
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    Hunting Photos

    Congrats, and that's a cool old rifle. Guy