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    WTB - First Gen 4Runner

    If you find any autos, send them my way.
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    WTB - First Gen 4Runner
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    WTB - First Gen 4Runner

    I’ve been looking for the same. One on BaT currently. Also one with a salvage title in San Diego CL (it’s an auto). Im looking for one with auto.
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    Looking Into G-Wagen

    Nice truck!!
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    Land Cruiser converts, please weigh in on your post-conversion thoughts

    To summarize. Buy both.
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    SOLD 1991 toyota land cruiser

    This seems like a smoking deal.
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    2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter - Winnebago Era - 4x4 - Dually - 70A - 1 Owner - 14,900 Miles - Transferable Extended Warranty

    Damn, now that is how you present a rig for sale. Honestly, one of the nicest Sprinters Ive seen, at a reasonable asking price. much for the FJ?
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    Scammer Alert: mattrichard012

    Beware of this guy... Sent me a bunch of stock info pulled from the web, the photos I requested were from Pintrest. (not sure how else to report the scammer) Thanks!!
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    WTB: Opus Air OP4 or similar.

    I'm not on Facebook, nor do I plan to join.
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    WTB: Opus Air OP4 or similar.

    Let me know if you see anything.
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    2014 Ford E-Series Van E-150 XLT E-350 CAMPER 4X4 /19,000 MILE

    Clean looking rig; probably could have got that price at the start of summer.
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    2020 Opus OP2

    Any followup on use? Still happy with it?