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  • Sorry we missed in google talk we never saw it or the message. We must have been signed in but not at the computer. We will be watching google talk so we can chat to you hopefully before Sept 12
    Hi Jan-
    I tried to send this via Private Msg's but it wouldn't go through. Is your inbox full?
    Anyway, I just posted a thread in the hardware - software area that I thought you may be interested in seeing. As you'll see, I take my trip documentation and mapping very seriously. :smiley_drive:
    We're still on for the Swell trip in April so I'm sure we'll meet then. After checking out your rig pictures I'm anxious to take a closer look in person.
    Hey mate. Looking forward to hopefully meeting you in March when you;re in Bend. Drop me a line and let me know the details.

    dk4x4rescue@msn.com (throw Expo Portal in the sub. line so I don't miss it if you would) and my number is (503) 804-6205 it's on me at all trimes unless I'm in the ER.

    LOVE the truck mate, like I said can't WAIT to drool over it in the near future.
    Hey Jan-

    I just got signed up here finally. From the looks of it, I have my work cut out for me finding all the interesting stuff on this forum and reading through it all.

    Hi Jan, trying to figure out how to enable the visitor message email notification as I missed your previous posts until I came to the User CP. I think I got it right.
    Have been busy with final exams for the last 2 weeks, but finally free.. for now at least.

    I'm checking out expo utah in a bit. In case I don't catch the future trip for some reason, Leiana and my email are: leiana.brito@gmail.com and lbrito@ieee.org.

    Happy Holidays!
    Hi Jan, just discovered this visitor message feature. Got yours a bit late. I just looked through all the trip pics you posted. Great shots! Anza Borrego looks amazing! I will definitely put that one on the books for a possible next trip. I know it's in Michael's backyard so I'll give him some time to miss it and see if he's up for another trip there next year. Your other albums look like a lot of fun, I'll have to go through them and start making a list of places to visit based on the pics, it'll be better than any book I can buy!
    Safe travels on the rest of your trip.
    If you can supply me with a date in Nov I will see what the calender has to offer. If it is a Friday eve to a Sunday afternoon that would work the best so I do not have to ******** around the work schd.
    Hey Jan...

    Americans always spell it wrong because we have a bunch of Columbias here in the USA. But I think spelling the name of a country correct is important!

    My 09/10 trip is already planned. I went to Colombia 2yrs in a row, 08/09 so going to skip it this year. Hard to stay away from that country so may have to go back in 2011! Not sure though what I may come up with for 2011 and traveling...there is a lot on my list.

    Yup. When I state keyed I mean switched with the key. In my set up I do not use the balancing function of the solar converter. My truck is 100% 24V (even the headlights) and all the balance function did was kill my batteries. This way, when the truck is off, the converter is doing nothing and the 12V battery gives me any accessory needs.
    Are you needing a trail leader in Anza Borrego to sheeps or Baileys. Let me know please I am free that weekend. Rich Collier Borrego 60.
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