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    U300 Camper

    If you look at my build you will see how much flex we had and it's not a mog!
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    U300 Camper

    I know that the older unimog so needed three point mountings as the chassis is very flexible. I guess if you are careful it would be ok but can you imagine having a mog and thinking oh no I can't go there?
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    Mercedes gearbox settings

    Hi We have a 917af and this knob selects 4wd and the other diffs, defiantly not full time 4wd as on brake tester they do one axle a time. Good luck
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    '90 Mercedes 917 Camper Build

    Very very nice!!
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    Mercedes 914 LK LN2

    Wow it's looking good!
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    Leveling Block Size for Larger Tires

    We saw a large truck in Morroco who parked on four air bags and then went round with an airline!
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    Leveling Block Size for Larger Tires

    I used some old rail sleepers which are 4x8 " cut at about 18" long with a long taper from 4" down to 1" over about 8". Works fine for us, our camper body is three point mounted with single pivot at the rear so we only block front wheels up.
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    We use 4 batteries on 24v system smart split charge relay with solar mains charger along with truck charging them, we then have a battery to battery charger to 1 12v house battery. We don't have a large drain on 12v but the charger from the 24v works well and even with low amps going into 24v...
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    Source and cost to convert dual-tires to singels on a MB lorry

    Spud Boy yes same here but we do have suppliers of 8 stud rims but with no offset. local company are brilliant at doing what you want for wheels, they have all the gear for building one off agricultural rims. Farmers Tyre near Leamington Spa they are a professional bunch but I cant find a web...
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    Source and cost to convert dual-tires to singels on a MB lorry

    tyres Details of what we did here, we used bridgestone tyres and had local company supply and adjust offset on 8 stud tyres for 917, bigger trucks have 10 stud so rims are easier to find.
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    Unimog Camper under construction

    Brilliant news enjoy:-)
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    Mercedes 914 camper build

    Hi Looks like its going to be a great truck, if you get to the UK call in and see us I would love to see it in the flesh. Good luck with the build.
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    '90 Mercedes 917 Camper Build

    We managed to get double bed at rear above store area and then bathroom with dressing area and door on bed room area which closes on to side of bathroom. At the front we have a sofa in front of folding table the back rest then folds up to give single bed. Depends on age of child but at 15 our...
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    917af pictures so far

    Hi Yes and from memory it was around 4500 kg but I cant find bridge ticket so I cant be sure!
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    Fuel flow question

    Ian Are you switching the return from engine to the tank as well? I have a secondary tank which is used to top up the main tank, this means that you can leave all standard fittings and gauge with just a transfer pump to top up when needed. Simple but works!