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    Cascade Camper Panther light weight slide in camper.

    camper Panther brand camper, sierra model. Nice camper! :roost::roost::roost:
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    Roamin Chariot pop up for full size LB truck

    I asked him that question a few weeks ago when the add popped up and he was not ready separate them. Looks like a $2000 camper on a $1000 truck.
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    Heating a pop-up truck camper?

    It is not CO sensor, it is a low oxygen.
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    new air conditioning option on kickstarter

    Looks like it is geared towards the gullible coolest cooler crowd. My air conditioner has an led light, a USB plug, and it is a bright color.
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    Custom Wildernest Slide In Camper

    Usually no interest means your price is way wrong.
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    Ford 5.4 Stall when Hot & Towing

    Coil over plug is where I would start. My experiences was that around 100k they will start to go. Hopefully his mechanic changed those while he was doing the plugs.
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    5.4 triton mileage improvement?

    What year are you looking at? 2005 and up f250 and f350 have the 3v 5.4, a 5 speed automatic, and a coil over up front. I had a 2 valve 5.4 and a 3 valve 5.4 , both f150's, and found the 3v was slightly better on gas. I don't have experience with the 5 speed auto, but I think it would be a...
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    Dometic RC2000 fridge... Thouughts?

    rc2000 I just measured the inside dimensions on mine. Inside it is roughly 17 wide by 9 long and 12 inches tall. It is well insulated and has no problem keeping stuff ice cold when it is 90 degrees out. It will freeze things at night when the ambient air temperature cools off if you are not...
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    BFG All Terrains vs Rugged trail life

    bfg tires I've ran both on F150's. The two sets of LT rugged trails I had were worthless on anything except dry pavement after 20k miles. They were oem Ford takeoffs. The at's were LT with a D load rating. They were on a different F150 when I got it. They were half worn and I put another...
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    Ford F-150 Dream Expo Build...

    When did they start making a 6 foot bed?
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    Nature Power 1800W Solar Generator

    40w solar panel? That won't run much of anything.
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    F-150 to carry a hardside camper

    Is your truck the beefed up 7700 GVWR or the standard 6500? The math doesn't add up if you have the standard truck.
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    Will a fridge work for us ..

    fridge question For a family of 5 without using any coolers, I would suggest 63 quarts. I bought a couple of older norcold (engel) fridge freezers on craigslist over the last few years. You should be able to find one nice one for $300 or less. They are nice if you have a large battery...
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    Thoughts on 2005 Ford F-150 FX4

    trade-in value Keep in mind that "trade value" is really a function of how bad the dealer wants to sell truck on his lot, i.e discount the sales price. Your friend's trade-in has an intrinsic or "actual cash value" ("ACV") and that is what the dealer thinks the trade-in truck is actually...
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    Emergency Recall Order Issued to The Lite Cylinder Company, Inc.

    Don't hold your breath. Look up the word insolvent.