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    Helper Spring Stoppers

    Timbren will tell your local dealer what to order if you call them with the exact dimensions once you’ve lifted the truck. The ones I ordered are different from stock fuso timbren. Call the timbren Engeneering or email them. They are helpful. depending on your truck you may want preload or...
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    Helper Spring Stoppers

    You may want to consider new bump stops. I removed the spacer on the front bump stop as I found them too firm bump stops. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Underhung cargo boxes

    Ignore the graphics. Playing with ideas. The boxes underneath are 18 inches wide. What I like about them is all the dry storage that’s easy to access ! Between these boxes and the massive amount of storage under the bed we have several times the storage compared to the production fuso camper...
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    Fuso Canter tyres recommandation

    be sure to get a tire with the right load rating.. we started with Toyo' rated at 124... replaced them when we finished the build and found them overloaded.. replaced them with patriots 131 load rating.. should have bought the patriots the first time round. as ski freak said, would help to know...
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    FG140 (2012) preventive maintenance

    hi Michel, Cameron here from ontario. there are a few of us with Fuso's. I have a 2010, friends have 2012 and 2017. the 2010 and 2012 were used trucks. before we started to build on them we dealt with the rust on the chassis. POR15 with a topcoat was the most successful method. then apply...
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    Ontario Overland Project

    Please let me know if this is the wrong place to post this question. I am in search of some places to winter camp on crown land where we can xc ski and or snowshoe this winter. Truck is reasonably capable (fuso 4x4 on 37s) but it’s 13000 lbs and 11 feet tall. So we need some space and decent...
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    Balancing 37's - Beads?

    Heads up on tires and load ratings. We found that once we completed our build and loaded the truck for camping that our rear tires were beyond the load capacity of most 37s. The typical 37 12.5R17 that fit on Tony’s super single time have a load rating of 124. Which is 3500 lbs a tire. There...
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    FG's in Action

    Here are some pics and videos of two FGs. One is a custom build I did. The other is an Earthcruiser.
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    99 FG odd increase in power

    If you want some help with your truck and to get a tune done at the same time call Markus at He tuned three trucks for us. So much better with some more power and torque.
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    Has anyone fitted a HUD?

    The best one is blue driver. You can read all the engine codes and reset them. You can also set up any gauges you want. Depending on the model year your fuso is the data is there or it’s not. Sort of hit and miss. For a 2010 the fuel economy isn’t there. It may be there for newer models...
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    What kind of problems have you had with your Fuso?

    2010 fg140 with 150000 km on it. A few things have broken that hopefully others can learn from. fuel pump. (When replacing this be sure to retighten the injector nipples. It’s a very bad design. When you remove the fuel pump you typically remove the fuel lines going to the injectors. The...
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    Tuning a fuso any experience with

    Glad it worked on your truck. I worked directly with steinbauer for a month on a 2010 and 2017. Couldn’t get either to work reliably despite clean power and several remaps from them. It was a much better experience using Markus. Way more power and no codes. Remapped it while I had breakfast...
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    Help finding insurance

    Sorry just seeing this now. Glad you got it sorted. Welcome to the ontario fuso club
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    Tuning a fuso any experience with

    Lance. Yes he is an awesome guy. Given the calls and messages I’ve gotten from other self builder and earth cruiser owners this is an area of interest. I do think sharing information helps all of us.