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    Which truck

    Lots and lots of F150 eco boosts in fleet trucks with 250,000 + miles treated terribly and still doing fine. Every Toyota I have come across all have major bearing failures around 330,000- 360,000 miles. GM trucks and Ford trucks all easily run into 300,000+ miles also. I’ve spent 27 yrs in...
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    Which truck

    Sounds like a FX4 package F150 to me
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    Birth of My Kimberley Karavan

    I’m eyeing the Taxa Mantis because it fits in my garage and has separate bunks for kids. In all the videos a bunk bed is mentioned in the Kimberly, but no video example actually ever shows it setup or gives any info on it- length- width etc. No I’m not filling out personal info to get basic...
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    Suggestion remove the data mining requirements for the brochure. That alone is enough to turn people off especially given I can’t tell if any of the models would have a bunk layout that would work for my family based on the choppy website info and drawings. Meaning your not getting peoples info...
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    Best way to secure a Max Coupler hitch when leaving the trailer in camp for the day

    Had big over loaded trailers used as site storage at our sailing club stolen. Tongue weight easily over 1000lbs!!! One thief used a FJ😆. Hope it was his truck and its bent like a banana now. We pull tires now. Its one thing to cut a lock or chain with a cordless grinder in 50 seconds vs try to...
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    Looking for a DD/Expo vehicle

    Most Toyota engines suffer bearing failure between 350,000 and 400,000. The taxi guys all plan on ICE replacement around 350,000.
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    Looking for a DD/Expo vehicle

    Dont kid your self about mileage though. The Full time 4x4 V8 Toyotas don’t get 16mpg especially with all terrain tires!! Its a big reason I don’t have Toyotas today.
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    Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

    I like these. But they aren’t warm and are not as durable as jeans. They dry fast tho and have been great for hiking, sailing and every day stuff. I use Carhartt stuff for when durable material clothing or warmer stuff is needed...
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    2021 Phoenix Cruiser 4x4 Class C RV $180k

    I’m looking at these for my dad. The 2100 PC is mainly a 1 person rig. The 2350 targets two people. However!!! The 2350 is 24ft bumper to bumper with fixed bed and full bath. Thats the biggie especially for my dads plan. They seem to average 8-10mpg in the v10 versions.
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    Seven week exploration September+October 2020

    Great trip!! what does a green moss agate look like? Assuming I used the correct name?
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    Fuel Bladders for Truck Beds

    These types of bladders were tried many yrs ago by a few ocean yachts for easy water containers. Long distance ocean races have strict requirements regarding gear and water. The sailboat I raced we had two hard tanks we strapped into the boat to meet Regs. Many others tried the bladders. Day 6...
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    F-350 Rats under the hood

    My street had a fall early winter rat issue spanning about 5 houses length wise up the street. I back up to a creek but 3rd house up doesn’t. 4 of us teamed up set snap traps with peanut butter bait. I’m currently at 12, neighbor 3 houses up is at 9, neighbor one down from me is at 10. 4th...
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    F-350 Rats under the hood

    Keep trapping!! Peanut butter works best. Our entire street had issues starting in September three of us set traps out. We have caught 20 between the three of us and the last month or so activity is zero and traps have stayed empty.
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    What makes Toyotas so reliable?

    Lol my 2000 manual transmission Subaru had heated seats. My moms base model cloth seat Subaru has heated seats. LOL if heated seats are absurd luxury what does that make Icon suspension kits? The solid gold toilet equivalent? Jeeze 😆
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    What makes Toyotas so reliable?

    FYI the 3.5 has a cast aluminum pan as of mid/late 2019. I happen to have one.