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  • Thanks Kenny I was figuring about that but after seeing your box I started wondering how far off my figures might be. We'll see how it goes
    Hi, How are ya? I just noticed the message, sorry for the delay.
    I went with 48" Wide x 24" high x 5' long. I tried to account for all things I knew I wanted inside, like storage totes. The frig, with the rack I built for it just fits perfectly, with the 1/2 spacer under so it did not scrape the tail gate. Most measurements were to conserve plywood. Be sure to use a good 2 part epoxy wood sealer, soak it! then a good exterior paint, I sealed all panels with silicone after bolt up, keeping it waterproof is the key.
    A PWC trailer should be a good base to start with.
    Good luck with your build!
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