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    Various Camping Gear for Sale - Location in Bay Area, California

    Sending a message about the chair
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    RTT on your 2" hitch or on the ground - the Hitch Tent

    Interesting concept for sure, but feels like a waste of space and time. I'd also hate to wrestle that sucker into the hitch, although with some learned technique it's probably easy. Just looks weird to me, but I do like how it sets up off the ground.
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    Who Still uses cast iron while traveling?

    Heck yes, even on some moto trips some friends bring cast iron.
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    Ideas please, motorcycle on a 4X6 RTT equipped trailer.

    I've been working on something similar. I hope to eventually add a frame for a RTT on my chuck wagon. I still need to road test this setup, and just a temporary setup to see how it would fit. Tongue weight is the issue I think.
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    Tire wear

    Glad the front didn't totally wash out on you. I'd say you got your money's worth out of that tire depending on how long it's been on the bike. What's the date code on that sucker? Could it be because it was an old tire? Wednesday was was the real hot day, but not sure how it was along the...
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    12v portable jump starter issues?

    These little jump packs are nothing short of amazing, but certainly have limitations and aren't all created equal. I started with an AntiGravity $140 one in 2014 and it never seamed to work when I needed it. Maybe I was using it wrong. I don't even know what happened to it. In 2016 I got a $40...
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    Jackery 1000 Power Generator Overview

    Jackery saved my bacon last weekend. I'm so glad we have it First real camping this season. New to me Engel MT40 fridge mistakenly set a little cool so I had slushy drinks. Because of this and with temps in the low-mid 80's so the fridge was working harder than usual and it drained my...
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    Show your Thumper!!

    700 mile weekend on the 300 Rally Rode from San Jose to the Carrizo Plain for a few days of exploring
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    Anyone use one of the collapsible silicone tea kettles?

    I know what you mean. I go back and forth on my light weight packing for the motorcycle. I always seem to gravitate back to the jetboil.
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    2007 KLX-250S Lightweight ADV/DS

    Following. Can't wait to see how you set this one up.
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    XT350 lightweight adv

    Congrats on the sale and the new scoot.. I still have my XR400 (Kick only), but my CRF300L Rally is a real game changer for me. I think you are really going to enjoy having the modern dual sport. I look forward to how you set it up.
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    2021 KTM 890 Adventure R

    People are running the 80 on bikes as small as 300's, but it's a huge piece of kit, and it weighs in at 15lbs empty. I have the 80, but haven't used it yet on my 1090 or my CRF300L Rally. When I test fit it on either bike it just looks ridiculously large. When I see it on others bikes it...
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    Ice Road Endeavours