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    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Thanks for the reply! That was my first thought as well as I was driving it, but they are crystal clear and actually look showroom new! The truck has 79K miles on it, but it looks like 5k miles - I don't think it ever spend a day outside:Wow1: I can't figure it out - I am going to have a local...
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    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Working away on my '05 and will post a few pics up as soon as I finish up with the lift and get it back on the ground! When I picked this truck up a few weeks ago and was driving home in the dark I felt like the headlights were woefully underpowered compared to what I have been driving - has...
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    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Thanks again Chris! I will order the sway bar drops as well - I appreciate the heads up and it is nice to have a fairly complete parts list together so I don't have it waiting on the lift once we tear in to it. I think I read somewhere the ARB is the F250 front bumper as well that just needs...
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    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Thanks so much for the quick reply and advice! Ordering it up tomorrow - did you have to do anything up front for the weight of the ARB bumper and winch? Going for the same setup there as well - love how sorted your truck looks!
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    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Just getting ready to start on an '05 Excursion and LOVE this! I am planning on going with the OME suspension as well - what size lift is this? Please keep the pictures and reports coming - this is excellent!
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    The ExPo 200 Series Registry

    Good evening everyone! I just picked up a super clean low mile '15 200 and had it delivered right over to my shop. I can't wait to dig in to it, and have already been in contact with Slee and ordered their BP -51 kit for the truck as well as slider steps and a few other things to get started...
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    230GE in UT...any advice?

    As long as we are all getting up in arms about spelling your link doesn't go anywhere - it's . Mastodon is a site sponsor and a great bunch of guys - they are currently doing Scott's truck as well as a few for me. There are several great shops out there for G's, and the beauty...
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    230GE in UT...any advice?

    What Scott said - x2 at altitude...
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    230GE in UT...any advice?

    I haven't done any business with them but I am sure if they are on the site they will be happy to chime in. Have you checked out Mastodon Motors in Colorado? They specialize in bringing in early G's as well as modifying, building, etc. They are currently working on a couple of projects for me...
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    Am I crazy for wanting to buy a LR?

    "Durable enough to be unreliable for several decades" rings true, but I have a hard time owning anything else. I have had a few cruisers, but always come back to the LR's. I'd say go for it - it'll either be the start of a long and wonderful / frustrating relationship or you will find out...
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    Lynskey backroads custom build with S&S couplers

    Is this still available? Size large - what does that equate out to? I usually ride a 58cm frame, and am 6'1", just curious if it's close!
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    Overland Journal: G-Wagen

    Just purchased ANOTHER G - '09 G 550. My first G was an '09 G55, which was great, but had a bit more power than I probably needed for trail work. I am going with the springs for a ~2" lift, and am running KM2's right now on the 18" rims until I make up my mind on wether or not I am going to go...
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    What did I just buy.

    Great find and great story!!! Hopefully you get to make your own memories in it - I love my G!
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    AEV RAM At Sema.

    Clutch - do you have a specific MFG for that flat bed? That is exactly what I am looking for on one of our farm rigs that we haul a four wheeler around on to check cattle with! Any help would be greatly appreciated, no one around here is building anything like that with a slot for a ramp.
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    Best lift for 2014 Ford F250 SD extended cab 4x4

    Carli hands down Running it on my '13 F250 Club long box and it is the best you can run IMHO. Better than factory ride and handling, and takes into account driveline angles, etc. going on 50k miles with it now and no issues...