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    Expo LJR Update

    I believe he simply means that he would like it to start off, drive/handle and stop as though it were still stock while having been modified to preform better off road as well.
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    Rubicon or Sahara

    Yep, everything you said about the stock Rubicon transfer case is correct but Advance Adapters fixes that with this: Installed one in my LJR and love it as it gives you so many options, 2WD, 2WD low, 4WD, 4WD 2.73:1 low, 4WD 4:1 low and...
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    Jeep Gladiator #2 with ALU CAB.

    The shape of the rear door is that way to keep cost down, both for FCA and Gladiator owners should they need to replace the door. Jeep didn't feel the expense of creating a specific door for the back of the Gladiator was necessary and this way should the owner need to replace the door they can...
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    Lunchbox lockers!

    A simple fix for that smell I stumbled upon by accident, use hunting scent removing soap and it actually gets rid of that smell.
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    If only you had said LJ...... oh well.
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    Stainless steel snorkel

    I think you're overestimating just how much air the 6.5 draws in. Take your turbo inlet pipe of and look at just how small the inlet to the turbo is. Of course there is nothing wrong with using a larger snorkel for it as that will have less effect on intake air volume, but from personal...
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    My 2004 LJ Unlimited's Journey and time for a refresh

    I think the white top idea is a good one, but I might just be a bit biased....... and yeah, I get the "looks like an old FJ top" a lot which I find funny as Jeff designed it after the old CJ8 World Cab.
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    1980 CJ7 build

    Maybe some strips of inner flap out of some 20 inch truck tires provided you can still find them. The center portion would be thicker than inner tube rubber.
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    1980 CJ7 build

    I would coat the inside with something, paint, underliner, bedliner but I would also think about putting some foam between the tank and skid. My Genright tank has about a half an inch of foam between it and the skidplate. Just a thought.
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    1980 CJ7 build

    Just Everybody Elses Parts JEEP, seems to fit.
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    Vehicle Security Tips

    Ever have a problem with a vehicle that only happened early on a real cold morning? Got a better idea for how to verify the customer complaint when the shop opens at 0900 and the temperature is already above the threshold of the complaint? Yep, that's his job.
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    Better late than never 2005 LJ build.

    Yes I did.
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    Better late than never 2005 LJ build.

    I have the Genright 31.5 tank on my 06 LJ Rubicon and love it. The range increase alone is worth it, the fact that you can now fill up and not splash fuel all over your Jeep and self is a bonus. The skidplate on the tank is way over built and there is a half inch of foam surrounding the tank...
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    My 2004 LJ Unlimited's Journey and time for a refresh

    "I'd highly recommend an extended range fuel tank. check out Genrights 24.5 gallon tank & skid combo. Range is a premium when using your Jeep to explore." I love my 31.5 gallon Genrite tank on my LJ. One of the best parts is being able to fuel up and NOT have the pump slosh fuel out the filler...
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    I am thinking of of running air lift bags

    A spray bottle with soap and water is your friend. Pump them up to the 35 psi you mentioned, spray them with the soap and water solution, lines, fittings and bags and you will find your leak or more likely leaks.