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  • I have just finished installing a 40mm lift kit in my 1998 l300 4x4 looks great except camber was over positive but it steered very straight, I decided to go to a wheel aligners her in cairns to have it adjusted but my van now pulls severely to the left side of road and my tyres are slightly rubbing on the very edge of the top control arms , went back 3 times to wheel aligners (JAX TYRES) but they insist they adjusted toe in and out accordingly and cannot explain why it pulls to the left now and not before and they haven't a clue how to fix problem,, I have had 31x10.50 15s tyres for the last 3 years with out a problem all tyres wearing evenly, I intend to put 235x85 16s shortly , so I like to tackle the camber and toe in and out myself as here where I live in Cairns North Queensland is very hard to find a wheel aligner or suspension specialist that know their staff, so is there any one out there that can give advise how to adjust camber angle, and fix my proiblem
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