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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Heres our Ruby under the shade of an ancient cottonwood tree in UT. Shes a 2008 JKUR and we added a J30 in April. We have a bunch of other junk(fridge etc.) in the trunk if anyone is interested I can add more pics.
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    GZ Yeti 400 w/light $250

    @ 2.5 years old has been on charge per manufacturer recommendation almost entire time. Has only been used briefly on weekend trips. Pick up only. Jackson WY
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    Making the JK A/C Colder for <$2

    Ok thats cool but do you have a trick to make the heater work better?
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    Selling my Dodge truck

    2005 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi quad cab Brush guard Line-x bed and lower body panels fresh service trans and oil G2G @ $10,500 Thanks for looking! heres the craigslist address
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    2000 Land Rover D2

    still available
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    The AR-15

    I'm waiting on the stamps for my sbr lower and a TBAC 30-P1....which will pair nicely with my 300blk and my Ruger scout. I'm trying to forget how long its been....tick tock tick tock
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    2000 Land Rover D2

    Diesel D2 price lowered. taking best offer. Trades considered.
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    2000 Land Rover D2

    Thats it! Thanks rijosho!
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    2000 Land Rover D2

    My wife cant drive a 5speed so we bought a JK Rubi.
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    2000 Land Rover D2

    I have decided to sell my 2000 Land Rover D2. It has a DIESEL 4BD1T Isuzu, GMC NV3500 5 speed and Rover LT230 with diff lock. Custom adapters from Isuzu Diesel Swapper and a custom transfer case spud shaft made by Novak. Both motor and transfer case are gear driven, no belts or chains to change...
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    Honda XR600 Hi compression piston

    wow cant even give this away!