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    Very nice M101A2

    Sold. This is the 2nd of 3 I am selling. Put it on CL in Austin and Lubbock and had lots of interest out of Lubbock. Odd considering the size of Dallas compared to those towns. anyway, I have another 101 that I have not painted yet. It needs new tires, and I don’t want to buy them ... soooo...
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    Very nice M101A2

    Reduced to $1200. If you live in CO, or out west, might be able to negotiate a hand off in NW Texas.
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    Very nice M101A2

    A lightweight, rust free trailer. You can knock a chunk of weight off it by removing the nose gear. I haven’t weighed one, but 60 lbs is a very reasonable guess. I put electric brakes and receiver hitch on my other one. A lot easier to move by hand that way. PM me if you are interested, let’s...
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    Very nice M101A2

    That might be helpful, yes. I’m just North of Dallas, TX
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    Very nice M101A2

    Other than the 416, this is the next lightest military trailer available.
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    Very nice M101A2

    Price reduced to $1200 I had a couple of these, sold one, and have this one up for sale. Probably the nicest one I have. Surge brakes work, parking brakes work. If you want the bolt pattern to match your vehicle, I believe you can buy a standard 12” drum with the appropriate bolt pattern...
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    Wanted!! Trailer Frame for truck bed

    Hmm, I might have something perfect for you. 2x5x14ga outer frame and tongue, 48” wide x over 8’ (+a bit) long deck, 3500lb Timbren axel-less suspension with brakes and a 4” drop . I even have wheel spacers to run 37” HWMVV wheels. This should fit a pickup bed perfectly. Leaves some deck in...
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    High Efficiency Air Conditioning Units for non-generator powered campers

    I wondered the same. I suspect that price was just the air handler/evaporator and the compressor/condenser wasn’t included. Bc I see the package at $1000 or so. I hate to waste $, but I hate being hot more. Also, my favorite saying, “I never regretted the money spent on quality, and almost...
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    Painting Aluminum

    Never heard this. Can you expand? Can’t you prime it and scuff it enough for the liner to adhere?
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    Military S-250 Shelter Conversion

    I have two of these and taking delivery of a third on Sunday. They are super handy if you get one in good shape. A lot of these have shelves and table like construction inside. While it may be in the way and impractical, when you remove it, the bonus is that it’s all made out of aluminum. Some...
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    M101A2 trailer

    The other trailer. These 37” wheels/tires are no longer on the trailer. It has these 37” HWMVV wheel and tire.
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    M101A2 trailer

    I have not taken pictures yet, here are a few that were on my phone from a while back. I also have a steel topper that fits under the bows. It has two doors that swing out. When closed, it allows you to lock the doors and tailgate securing the entire contents of the bed. I found this...
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    M101A2 trailer

    I have two 101A2’s for sale The first is in near perfect shape. Tarp in good condition, a couple tears, one where front and side panels meet, one on the back flap. New tires, surge brakes work, new paint. This one is in great condition. I have installed LEDs on underside of back bumper for...
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    The 5-ton conversion - So far ...

    I bought the exact generator you are talking about. It’s a beast! It’s much larger in real life than it looks on the auction site. It’s a cool unit. I like the electric start on it. I’d hate to pull start this thing. I noticed the units coming out of NV and Chicago have the remote box that...
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    Custom overland camper from 5 tons

    Good luck on the build! I love the Franken-cab. Some don’t, but I think it looks cool on the inside and out. Keep us updated on your suspension mods. That is a very important upgrade to these vehicles. I have considered replacing my rear cab mounts with air ride bags, but need to make sure...