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    2021 F350 with Dual Batteries, battery monitor?

    When you install your in bed house bank have it isolated from the starting bank when the engine is off. If you have a house bank then there should be no need to draw off your starting bank and no need to monitor it. Save the 712 for your house bank.
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    Bloose Build! 1982 Ford F250

    Any engine plans?
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    Bloose Build! 1982 Ford F250

    I always liked that style ford.
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    2017 F-150 build...Everyone meet Walter White

    Lol, that sounds bad until I remember it’s the same MPG my stock 2500 gasser gets.
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    2017 F-150 build...Everyone meet Walter White

    Looks good, you're on 35's? Do you know what your gear ratio is? What MPG are you getting with that setup?
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    Cargo Trailer 5x8 Overland Conversion - Cherokee XJ Content

    I like what you’ve done but I’d think the cargo rack on the front would affect how much you can turn the tow vehicle?
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    Crew cab long bed (8ft) for overlanding??? Is this viable or realistic?

    I just want a CCLB super duty for the ~50 gallon gas tank.
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    Help choosing the right vehicle

    We had 2016? taco v6 work trucks for a couple years. Never had a problem with them, didn’t notice any funny trans issues. They burned oil but they idled 24/7. Not much low end power but what do you expect. I doubt the Colorado with the camaro engine is any different.
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    Trailer theft security

    I’ve ran a chain through the wheels and through the leaf springs, not too hard. I had to pickup a boat for my mom once but forgot the key for the coupler lock two hours away. I wanted to just break the lock off and the best option I had on me was a flat tip screwdriver. That lock almost...
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    2021 F150 Towing Capacity Increase on some models

    This is probably cheaper.
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    Ford 150 3.5L Ecoboost vs Ram 1500 3.0 Ecodiesel?

    I read they’re dropping that engine already.
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    Is my steering box bad?

    Oh dam, I should have looked in there. I’ll look for them when I package everything up for return.
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    Is my steering box bad?

    The crappy rebuilt one came with new o rings, the redhead did not interestingly. The big nut on the gear box is 1-11/16, not the 1-5/16 that the previous generation was. Also no one could find me a new one of those nuts. I’m a little annoyed that the gear box has been worn out since ~100k...
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    Is my steering box bad?

    Wanting to re use my new $140 pitman arm I tried my little gear puller, didn’t work. Ended up using the pickle fork under one side and the the other. Getting the pitman arm off the original rusty box for core return was fun. Put two MAP gas torches on it for ten minutes and then wailed on it for...
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    Is my steering box bad?

    Got the redhead delivered and installed today. It’s much better. I tried my best to install it the same as original again so the wheel would be straight, no dice. Oh well. Went a little faster the second time. Saved some time not removing the skid plates or driver side tire.