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    MIssion Overland Trailer Owners page

    I wouldn’t tolerate that, you’re eventually going to end up a tank full of mud. Should be a simple fix, find a hardware store buy a gasket that fits the cap.
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    Expedition trailer options <40k for 2 campers Awesome stuff, toured their shop and saving my pennies, nickles & dimes!
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    Tuffstuff Trailer???

    Straight bolt on, no modification unless you use their brake assembly.
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    Tuffstuff Trailer???

    Search "Chinese Diesel Air Heater" Amazon. They go for about $120-150 and are a much better option that a Little Buddy. No condensation in the tent in the morning!
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    Tuffstuff Trailer???

    They're actually available from Alibaba from time to time. Something like $3K ea with a min of 2 units. Not sure about import reg's or getting it tagged once it's here but I wish I had that info before I bought my Crux!
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    Tuffstuff Trailer???

    I 2nd the hitch comment above. Get the CruiseMaster. I did get the one with the brake and it will fit if you notch the hitch plate slightly. Their parking brake is night and day better that the one on my Crux. I can get a Dometic CFX65 in my 1610's compartment, but I think the TS door is a...
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    1974 Coleman Valley Forge - Complete gut job

    That Harbor Freight anti-fatigue mat will help a TON with both comfort and insulation. Did it in my Crux & it was night & day. Need to get it in the new 23Zero tent now.
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    Crux Expedition Trailers in Denver CO.

    If my year of ownership is any indication, you can forget about Support or Warranty.
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    Crux Expedition Trailers in Denver CO.

    You're dead on point about the RV campgrounds, the thing attracts more attention than a big 5th wheel or Class A pusher!
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    Crux Expedition Trailers in Denver CO.

    Tomato/Tomoto, You either spend time unfolding the tent or unpacking the teardrop. I considered the teardrop/squaredrop option, but any of the ones available on the market now that I feel would hold up as well as the Crux cost twice as much. Having said that, I'll probably go that route...
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    Crux Expedition Trailers in Denver CO.

    BTW, Trailer as it sits now, (provisioned) is ~2600# with 180# of that tongue wt.
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    Crux Expedition Trailers in Denver CO.

    I came to the same conclusion about the tent/awning. It's a ********** to deploy and stow. If you're solo, figure an hour+ to set the whole thing up and 25 min just for the main tent. Having said that, the thing is AWESOME, it's like a friggi'n canvas cabin when deployed, super cool. For my mission...
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    Anyone with experience with the InTech Flyer Pursue?

    Hands down customer service after the sale! The trailer itself is good quality and I'm confident it will take a beating off road. The quality control on mine was dismal, I did buy a demo unit so that needs to be taken into consideration. It was missing quite a few items and a few things didn't...
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    Smittybilt Scout Trailer Reviews?

    I'll 2nd those comments. I have a 15# tank which turned out to be overkill, I also have an ARB Twin Air that I started with under the passengers seat. CO2 if you're in a hurry, compressor if you have the time and don't mind the noise.
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    As in your other thread, for what you’re describing I would start with a 100ahr AGM battery in a small tongue mounted box and add a basic weatherproof power panel to the outside. That can all be purchased for ~$200 at Costco/Sam’s/Amazon. Get a small Noco lithium capable charger ~10amps to allow...