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    LabRak awning mounts - new

    Picked these brackets up from the guy I bought my Hannibal awning from, but didn't end up using them. Designed to mount most awnings to your Thule or Yakima load bars. They would need either the companion LabRak mounting brackets, or I thought about using some small u-bolts instead. While these...
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    New 50qt. ARB Fridge Freezer for Sale

    philndz, FWIW, I think you did the right thing, and more importantly, you did it without any attitude, just posting facts. I guess it could be debated that it should have been done privately with PMs. I had a jerry can for sale here once, I had a firm commitment to buy it from a member here for...
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    FYI on some solar panel sales

    Thanks, I'll have to take a closer look next time. Herb
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    FYI on some solar panel sales

    Goal Zero event @ Costco, was a big zero Stopped by my local Costco this afternoon for the first day of their "Portable Solar Power" event, which was an exclusive Goal Zero event. For all intents, it was just Goal Zero's small panels, small battery pack, lights, and speakers. I was very...
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    Combined Federal Campaign charities - Tread Lightly & Blue Ribbon Coalition

    For any Federal government employees, with the Combined Federal Campaign underway, there are at least two organizations that you may want to consider giving to for 2013. Tread Lightly Blue Ribbon Coalition There are likely others as well, but I've made it a point to donate to these two...
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    FYI on some solar panel sales

    Was this a 'special event' at your local Costco? Did they also have the 80W portable setups at your Costco too? I've been looking at their folding panels for a while now. Herb
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    FS Brand New Oztent RV-3

    Nice score! I have an RV-5 and think it's a great tent. You shouldn't have any problem selling it quickly. Herb
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    1990 Suburban in Excellent Condition $5900 Nor-Ca East Bay Area

    Believe that vintage of Chevy 350 is throttle body "injected". Herb
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    Storage platform tie downs

    Here's what I used in my teardrop. No need to clearance the floor to recess these mounts, and there are no sharp edges Here's where I got them from, a really good selection of tie downs. Herb
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    prototype expedition camper trailer for sale Idaho

    Man, somebody buy this thing. It's a steal. Herb
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    Matthewp's Off-Road Camper Design (Recommendations and Critiques Requested!).

    I really like the concept, and love that people have the skills and time to build their own trailers (that leaves me out). I do wonder about your access into the cabin. Looks like the bottom on the door opening will be about three feet off the ground. Depending on your height (more importnaly...
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    WTB: 18in Partner Stove

    I know he installs them, but I don't know if he stocks them. Give Gabe or Mike at SoCal Teardrops a call. Herb
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    Where to buy OZtent?

    Bought my RV-5 from Randy and Kim, but also remember that Bob from AspenX Trailers is now a distributor of Oz Tents. I believe Randy and Kim are the importers that Bob gets his inventory from. Bob is a big technical contributor to this forum, in terms of his knowledge of trailers...
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    Birth of My Kimberley Karavan

    Always nice to see new battery options out there. Any concerns or issues with cold temps? My experience with lithium batteries (admittedly not the same chemistry combination as these) is that they don't respond well in cold temps. Herb
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    Have one on my Bronco. Great for hot burritos when stopping for lunch on the trail. Herb