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    Exterior, aftermarket showers for FWC pop ups?

    Ecotemp is garbage. I bought 3 of these before I finally got one that worked (80% of the time at best). Poor customer service, lies after lies. Finally they admitted that they had a bad batch of parts (the saga of shipping and returns went on for over a month). They made me take apart two of...
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    Oh but I love to drive in the snow with auto lockers. Sideways everywhere. Haha But I wouldn’t allow my wife to drive the two trucks I owned with auto lockers in them if it was raining or snowing.
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    All depends. You could argue that a selectable locker is better in the snow. Unlocked you’ve got an open differential, you you’re less likely to spin BOTH rear wheels which kicks the back end around. Lock the rear end when you really need it. You’ll know how it will respond to throttle...
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    How does everyone finance a used adventure van

    Also remember that the bank is only likely to finance the basic value of the cargo van. Probably fine with a substantial down payment like you have though.
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    How does everyone finance a used adventure van

    I didn’t know it was an issue when I bought my sprinter either. I wrote a check for my e series and didn’t think anything about financing the sprinter. Somehow my credit union prequalified me but the bimbo on the phone didn’t input the model number, only “Mercedes”. So I showed up to pick up...
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    I had an Eaton e locker in the front of my f150 and didn’t love it. It was ok. My complaint was that it required a certain amount of turning to “ramp up” and lock. If you were moving forward and back it would lock and unlock with directional changes. It was fine but, I much prefer an ARB...
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    6.0 EGR......Bulletproof or Delete?

    Truthfully I use to advise people that the 6.0 bullet proofed was pretty decent in the e series and f series. But everyone I know has been plagued with 4000-6000 repairs every 20-40k miles with them. Lightly tuned. Light towing. There is just no way to justify it if you ask me. Performance...
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    6.0 EGR......Bulletproof or Delete?

    Delete. Delete the whole van with 6.0l and buy one with a v10.... Sorry couldn’t resist.
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    Winnebago Revel rear seat belt question

    The sprinter 4x4 works a lot better than you’d think, with the help of the traction control. Honestly the best part is being able to comfortably cruise in 4x4/awd at highway speeds when it’s rainy or patches of snow etc. This is something you can’t do with a 4x4 econoline because the...
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    Winnebago Revel rear seat belt question

    Just out of curiosity how old are the grandkids? I have a 3 and 5 year old. They can be in booster seats but using vehicle seat belts requires shoulder belts. I do have Diono Rainer car seats which have integrated harnesses and can be used for bigger kids, and believe they can be secured with...
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    Ford E-Series Rear Shackle Flip

    Yeah it looks like that leaf should be moved up one spot in the back. Why is it arched and not contacting all the way? Can you post a better picture of the leaf pack?
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    Sprinter "144 wheelbase for 4 people?

    What is the reason to compromise heavily vs driving a 170wb van? I think people get too hung up on the size thinking it will be a monster to drive. The sprinter turns far sharper than a full sized truck or ford e series 4x4. It’s very easy to maneuver and parallel park etc.
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    Sprinter coach built RV in 4wd?

    No kidding. My 2017 2500 4x4 high roof with 265s average 15-16mpg. Stock, empty, no roof rack 18mpg highway. Maybe stripping emissions and tuning will help a couple mpgs but cruising down the highway in a full 4x4 rv at 20mpg is dreaming.
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    I was in Beaverton auto upholstery last week inquiring about covers for my cushions, and Steve said he had recovered a set of sprinter front seats to match the chestnut brown Sienna recliners recently. I didn’t see them but just an FYI for anyone in the area thinking about a set like this...