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  • Hi Brian,
    I'd like to post in the classifieds, but have insufficient priveledge - what do I have to do? TIA
    Brian....hope all is well.

    Looking for some user tips. Is there a way to search the forum postings and or set up notifications?

    Much appreciated!

    hi im new to this forum where can i get the planar diesel heater rebate im located in Canada
    where ya from in Canada ?I'm in Kelowna B.C..sorry not sure about the rebate
    Hi Brian,
    Being new to the whole forum deal when I started on this one, I picked a dumb user name. How can I change my user name?
    Brian McVickers
    Brian McVickers
    Ha! No redo, you've gotta own it now!

    Actually, no worries, what do you want it to be?
    It was changed by the gent who runs the change my username thread. I am all good now. Thanks!
    Hi Brian
    Can I post a wanted to buy add in classified, re a group buy for composite panels to try to get a good deal?
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    Brian McVickers
    Brian McVickers
    Hi Greg, You can post a wanted to buy. But, you can not post a group buy. A group buy for such an item would not be permitted.
    Try Tern Overland, Total Composites or AT Overland for panels.

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