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    Made the jump to 33x12.50 on the LR3

    Never really liked having wheels outside the wells. A bit to ghetto for me and I drive a 98, LOL.
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    2013 Land Rover LR4 HSE (1 owner, HD package, fully loaded)

    Thanks for the additional pictures.
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    Range Rover Classic County LWB

    LOL You drive welded axle on the street? I would have busted that long ago. So stock diffs, axles, cvs? Who did the bumpers? No sliders or other protection? Are all electronics working after diesel convert? How about AC and Heat in Moab, vs Uintah? Would like to see interior and any side...
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    Do Land Cruiser folks fret over extended warranties like the Land Rover boards ..??? !!! Doubt it....

    And low maintenance extended warranties subsudize the high ones. I had one good extended warrranty on a rover and it paid out great. The D1 was in great mechanical condition at 120k miles. No leaks, no mechanicals because I could take it in for anything.
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    L322 Overlanding Build and Adventures

    The first thing I would do is remove all the crap from the top. Some cool rigs here, but I am done having much if anything on the roof... including me.
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    Range Rover Classic County LWB

    Linked you to one in LA and one in seattle. Be patient if you really want one. This is not the place to look though. Craigslist, Discoweb, Ebay will be better.
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    Wanting to buy Range Rover Classic County LWB

    I do not think that vince is realistic. I have had 2 range rover classics and the only thing that I did not like about them is the HVAC. If you find one that is well maintained, it should not leat anymore than any range rover. There can be issues with some parts especially interior and...
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    Thinking about buying a '97 Rangie

    Becareful with neglected Range Rovers. I have had my H&H P38 for over ten years. On average it is about $1,000/yr to maintain well. This is shop prices + shop parts. I am likely down to little leaks that would cost a minor fortune to fix. It had head gasket done when I got it and an engine...
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    The best kind of hard decision - Advice

    Yeah. I have a wife and a dog, so D1 is easy decision. You can find plenty that are unmolested. There are quite a few out there always. Just need to search craigslist and not be too picky on location. If you are lazy and want a turn key setup, the person to go to is Elias Christeas. use...
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    The best kind of hard decision - Advice

    I contemplated 2004. Until I found a low mileage 98. IMO better engine and easier to work on and modify.
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    '98 D1 LSE 2", 235/85R16 & Factory Airdam

    Excellent. Thanks. Placing my order for 2" OME today. I ran without any sway for years and love the handling now with them. I'll have to get some disconnects or have some fabbed.
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    '98 D1 LSE 2", 235/85R16 & Factory Airdam

    Awesome. Thanks for posting the pictures. Was that 2" lift as well? Did you have sway bars on or off? Just curious. I will keep the sways on. Are those side moldings (rubbing strips), what came on your vehicle? Mine has larger/fitted rubbing strips that I think are butt ugly.
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    '98 D1 LSE 2", 235/85R16 & Factory Airdam

    Anyone have practical experience whether the airdam on this vehicle will allow clearance of the 235/85R16? This vehicle mostly on road, will only do minor wheeling, i.e. the airdam is fine approach angle, just wondering how the tires work with the airdam in place.