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    Pajero 2.8 Turbo Diesel with 5speed conversion kit

    Hey guys posted this in the facebook group last week, lowered the price need this gone quick. Please dont ask if i'll ship it, it will need modified pallets and 2 of them. Engine is 400-600lbs and the transmission is like 250-300lbs. But i have access to a hoist to load into your vehicle. Me and...
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    Have you adjusted the steering box play screw already?
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    Clock spring??

    I bought the one on eBay aftermarket for like 15 bucks, It worked well on my last truck for 20,000 mi and counting
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    Pajero Rear Door Weight Limit?

    I got one and i like it so far! visibly take some weight off, bit hard to turn but its getting easier. pad screws up and down for different size tires, some adjustment in mounting. 35s with 2in body lift.
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    My Gen 2.5 Journey, a build thread.

    Bumper looks sweet! probably stronger than the ARB
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    Barbie Car | 1995 ls 3.0

    Clean start! i had the same spec 95 LS for several years, i miss that grab bar so much hahah. plus no airbag recall
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    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    Got my ZJ cherokee ARB widened and mounted on my new rig, added some of the roof hellas that survived the rollover, wired to factory switch. I picked up some headlight washers recently, gonna try to mount those on the ARB (previous owner took off and threw out both bumpers, reverse lights, fogs...
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    Gen 2 Montero cabin filter install

    Link or name of filter you used?
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    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    Rolled my 95 LS last week Someone cut me off then ran me into soft median, tire dug in tossed me into roll. Roof rack pushed back when it tried to roll onto roof, saved me from rolling into oncoming upside down so thats nice. I'll update my build thread with more pics of damage bought this 2...
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    Roaming Lost: Montero Gen2.5 Build

    Looks great! what color did you go with? I just picked up a 2.5 gen and im getting it ready to paint a similar color, the toyota Lunar Rock gray, with like an off white or cream roof.
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    Toasty's '98 Montero Build

    A buddy of mine nearby is just starting a 1uz swap in his 1st gen now, you guys both got me thinking now hahah
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    (UPDATED)Gen 2 Cruise control issues again

    If you read my last post on it, I've since fixed it with a china clockspring. Been good for 10k + miles so far with cruise control almost every day.
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    Private Camping Near Silverton

    Any pictures? sounds incredible
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    '98 Mitsubishi Montero Engine Swap

    The walk through in the FSM should do you fine, it's not the hardest thing to do, just a lot of smaller jobs and parts removal that take up the majority of time before final removal.
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    My Gen 2.5 Journey, a build thread.

    Because the matching handles, when i first looked at this pic ^ i thought you had a 6ft long shovel :LOL: Nice rack dude!