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    SOLD: Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit

    Any plans to be in SoCal?
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    Storage Solution for 1/4 Ton Military Trailers

    Where are you located? What is the dimensions?
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    120 -> 200, anyone make the jump?

    The factory skids on my 200 made my factory 4Runner skids look like an upgrade. I don’t understand why they put a steel on the front section and plastic on the front diff skid. They could of made it of steel like the first section. I did manage to dinged up the steel section of my skid this...
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    120 -> 200, anyone make the jump?

    I agree. If you don’t mod, whether it’s the desire or the need, lx is fine. But if you want to to install aftermarket suspension you can’t with out running into issues. I do not know the AHC system, but I would imagine it being tied in to the electronics. If the OP want to get it and mod it...
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    120 -> 200, anyone make the jump?

    You can’t go wrong with a 200. As long as you don’t mod, the LX will be awesome.
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    120 -> 200, anyone make the jump?

    I have the LC. I went with the LC because I they way they look (I can’t see the front fascia handling trail rash very well), simplicity (lol...if there is such a thing with 200) and it’s less “flash” appeal then the LX. The weird thing about the 200 market is that the LC is cheaper new (not by...
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    120 -> 200, anyone make the jump?

    Hello. I went from a 15 Trail with icon coil over 2in front and 1 inch rear lift), sliders, 275/70/17 ko2 to a 17 200. My 4R was a awsome truck and did everything I needed to do. I owned both for a short time. Once I bought the 200, I drove it a lot more which led to me selling the 4R. The...
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    Mega Gear Sale

    Is the trail kitchen sold? If not how much and will you ship to 92880?
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    Sold. Alu-Cab Gen 3 RTT. never used!

    If you were here in the west coast this would be mine. Good deal!
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    Pm sent
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    Trade my '14 4Runner for an '09 unicorn 4Runner?

    So instead of continuing to pay for the 14, you would sell it and break even? Then pay/finance a 09 T4R? Either way you still have a payment. The savings you get per month compared to reliability of a newer vehicle offsets each other. The 14 Trail has the ATRAC and rear locker as well. Keep...
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    Tacoma, 4Runner, TRD, PRO, Education

    After my research, I bought a 2015 4runner Tail Edition Premium. In Socal TRD Pro is around 44K plus "mark-up". I picked up my Trail Premium w/KDSS for 41K OTD. Here are the difference between the two. I will break down the difference in two categories (Cosmetic/Performance): Performance...
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    Overland 5th Gen 4Runner Build

    Please keep us posted on the mpg loss with the roof rack. Thank you.
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    GX470: KDSS or not?

    Have you considered newer 4runners w/KDSS?