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    1st Gen Taco Build

    I’m digging your bed system. Keep em coming.
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    1st Gen Taco Build

    Looks pretty cool, gonna need some more pics and details on your bed rack system.
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    1976 Jeep J20 pricing help

    What will you or someone else pay for it? Hard to value something like this, to the right buyer it may be priceless.
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    If you had to pick one: Skid plates or rock sliders?

    I figured it was cheaper to buy the skids than to buy a tow and replace my currently, perfectly good oil pan or differential.
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    The First Gen Pickup/Hilux (79-83) Thread

    Not too be too crass, but man, that’s bonerific.
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    1998 Isuzu Amigo: Let's Try This Again

    I really like the rocky, looking forward to seeing what you’ve got planned.
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    Open Carry in Wilderness Areas

    It also says the well regulated militia and we’re kind of leaving that open to interpretation. People use the parts of the statement that are most convenient to their particular argument.
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    Open Carry in Wilderness Areas

    While the 2nd amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, it makes no mention of the regulation of said arms. The right is protected, regulating the right is up to the people. Your statement is easily debated.
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    That’s more or less what I was thinking of doing, cutting a shallow “u” shaped section out of the tarp and just relying on the pieces either side of the ladder to keep it secured.
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    Source for back door

    Totally misleading thread title.
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    Salvage Suburban project

    Cool set up, looks very functional.
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    I like your idea, I came up with something similar with HF tarps and some poly rope attached to the top edge. It would have worked perfect except the ladder for my smittybilt tent is attached under the tent and behind the channel. As I made it, the tarp would have to go on the outside of the...
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    Not sure where I fit in.... Toyota Van thread.

    Man, two very sweet rigs. I’ve lusted after both.