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    Bryce's 3g Tundra overlanding build

    I have a huge soft spot for your era of Hondas. I worked at a car dealership that bought the local Honda dealer out, about 88 or 89. I was just reminiscing about those old Civic hatchbacks for like $9,000 new and once I drove the CRX Si, I was drinking koolaid.
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    Just Downsized to a Renegade (build and trips)

    Man, you do very nice, neat work. All your stuff has a nice finished look to it. I always look forward to seeing your additions to this rig.
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    Should I do this... or just buy a truck tent?

    You should definitely build that. Don’t forget to post pics.
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    Anyone put a rooftop tent on an enclosed cargo trailer?

    I put a smittybilt rtt on an interstate 4x6 cargo trailer. Pictures are too big too post. Mine has the rounded roof too. I used four of the high rise rain gutter mounts like the old Thules.
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    Cargo van body as a slide in truck camper.

    Bonus points for Chevy on Chevy lovin’.
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    First post, and my 4-door flatbed XJ

    Pretty damn cool. It looks like something that would’ve been offered in Australia or SE Asia. Do show more.
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    Jakes Wacky LS Swapped, Straight Axled, Coilovered, Airbagged '87 F250 Build

    A GM powered F250?! Truly, the apocalypse is upon us. I’m a GM guy originally and this doesn’t feel right. Can it even be done? I’m sure the host will reject the donor. Good luck, I’ll keep an eye on it.
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    Pressurized Running Rinse Water System - JKU

    Very cool. It really doesn’t take up any additional space. It’s always in the truck, basically ready to go. Use it or don’t. Always handy. Definitely one of the best mods out there.
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    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    If this was a medical team transport or support vehicle, the “Don” may have referred to the Director of Nursing.
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    ‘97 4runner build/adventure thread

    Looks good. You’ll have to show some more of your roof rack. I’ve never liked the look of those Curt baskets, too high and spindly looking. It looks like you may have addressed those issues well, I wasn’t sure they would take to modifying because of the thin metal. Bumper looks well thought out.
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    Just Downsized to a Renegade (build and trips)

    Amazing packaging, great looking work.
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    Yakima LockNLoad roof rack question

    Low profile ftw.
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    WTF is "West Kootenays? "

    Thanks Webster
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    WTF is "West Kootenays? "

    0 I’m guessing if you saw that Colville tribal plate in BC, he probably just drove across the boarder. Those plates are around here in Washington.