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    Ford e350 Leveling

    pulling up an old thread here.... usually a suburban guy but wondering about how much trimming you did to get those 305 in there with just the 880s?
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    SOLD: 1995 F350 7.3L w/ Grandby camper & Alumline flat bed

    Really interested to know what's next as well. Wish I could afford this thing as I just hit an elk in my rig.
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    Los Angeles -Class Attack Sub(urban), Build / Collected Werks topic - '02 k1500 Z71

    Looks like you have been busy! Interested to see where this solar project ends up. Love being able to take it off and on. I recently just threw up a Bolder 50 to my roof racks. Goal zero is just so easy. Need a way to be able to put it in the sun if I am in the shade though. Also nice to see you...
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    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    Oh I meant rear coil spacers to lift me and inch higher. Anyone on here with 285s and a two inch rear coil spacer? Anyone else getting any rub? Very much an ungood thing so I will most likely flip the shock bolt and see if that helps.
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    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    First heres how the new tires look. Think they are the right size for the vehicle.. En route on Rollins Pass Road having the girlfriend drive and here is the photos of the bolt and nut: looked like the bolt was hitting right around the top of the outside wall tread pattern. Here is the...
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    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    So I just put some brand new Duratracs on. Went up a size to the 285/75/16s. However, I took a run up to the continental divide above Boulder near Rollins Pass and had quite a bit of rub on the way up so I cut out some of the fender walls on the trail but noticed my rear shock mounting bolts...
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    2001 Suburban Pop Top Conversion

    Dude! Killer work on this so far. Only thing I would advise on the underside is if you have any air bubbles after laying cloth over the wood, you should cut them out and fill them again with resin. Even the smallest ones will continually expand and shrink in different climates and start to break...
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    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    Rayra I think you're onto something with that one. Pengyou, there are so many ways to go about doing this and I can say a lot of them would be easier than the route I chose. I think that could work well, it all depends on your own personal skillset and what youre best at, mine happened to be...
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    converting 74 burb to poptop camper

    Heidiurs this build is freaking awesome! Didnt realize you were this far along already. Interested to see what you do with the shelves, I will eventually be building out a shelf area/table on the left side of mine, I wonder if it makes sense for you to put a fold down table on one of the lower...
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    Keep Tahoe or step up to Suburban?

    Suburban. Too many benefits.
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    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    Hadnt thought about cutting them down thats not a terrible idea Rayra, will look into it if I decide I want to mess with more custom stuff ha. That Aries guard is pretty much just supported by the three bolts on each side, thats it. And ya wow thats pretty crazy, almost three whole years on...
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    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    David I swear one day I will get to it considering how much video I shoot, just haven't taken any of the pop top in action. Maybe Ill make a little edit next trip. Glad you enjoyed the build. Thanks TB... and Heidiurs let us know how thats coming, theres a cool one on here of a square body...
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    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    Thanks Swanson, appreciate it. And all the continuing comments from you guys! Been in a bit of hold period and taking care of some injuries before finishing out the interior. Been taking a few trips in the rig though, still working great, always kind of a surprise to be honest. Few 35mm...
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    High Top Suburban

    ahhhh sht. i would have had to think twice before starting that project. Good find though! 19" doesnt seem like much but then you add the almost half foot of space you gain without the headliner and cross supports.. 25" is a good deal of room. I would agree with you Martin about the body...
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    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    I'm actually certain that had I gone KO2's they would have been quieter than the Duratrac's, and possibly better in snow too, however I really wanted a C load range tire for less weight. E seemed unnecessary and I think thats the only option for KO2 265/75/16 tire, but I could be wrong. Also...