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    iKamper Skycamp initial thoughts and observations

    Having owed multiple RTT, popup campers, offroad trailers etc... these are the best buy for your money. Period.
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    Vagabond drifter spot

    Lead times are 2 years. Phil makes up lies!!! Good luck
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    I am shocked this has not sold. Vagabond Outdoors has a 2 year wait time!!
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    Overkill Campers

    Their customer service issues are a major problem. I am not going to publicly bash them, but if anyone wants to pm me I can explain.
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    FS: 2020 FWC Hawk SOLD

    FS: 2020 Four Wheel Camper Hawk model, used one time two nights, new smell, new condition, no damage, stored inside garage. Was picked up in Woodland on 12/18/2020. This camper is loaded with all extras, nothing really to add on. Not going to be used as planned, so most be sold. Located in...
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    SOLD: Below Zero Peregrine 180 Awning: $400

    Interested. Where are you located?
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    This is why people use Paypal. Zell is like giving money away with no guarantee.
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    Vagabond vs AT for full size trucks

    AT Overland offer an insulation package for the tent, Vagabond does not. I like the windows available for the AT better. Also the backlog wait time at Vagabond is stupid long right now. I waited 18 months before finally selling my spot. Good luck!!
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    SOLD-2018 Turtleback Trailer Expedition with iKamper Skycamp 2.0 (SoCal)

    Looks like this sold. Someone got a killer trailer w/ the best rooftop tent on the market!!!😄
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    SOLD. FS: 17 Toyota Tundra

    For Sale: 2017 Toyota Tundra sr5 Crewmax 4x4 $35500 49000 miles located in Laguna CA 5.7 motor, oil changed every 5k 4x4 with 4.88 gears Power trax grip pro LSD Front bucket seats w/ center console 38 gallon fuel tank Icon 2.5 suspension front and rear Icon UCA Icon add a leaf in rear Firestone...
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    Sold - XL GFC

    Hi, not my GFC, but I had the same one on a Tundra crewmax. I can say for sure that the standard GFC will not fit a 2020 Tundra. GFC is now making a taller version of the camper to fit over the shark fin. Only way to make it work would be to remove the shark fin.
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    SOLD THE TRUCK A/T Habitat still for sale.

    Is the complete truck/camper package still for sale? Or truck only?