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  • Hi Bob

    I’m in the process of bringing in a 1986 U1300L ambulance from Merex in Germany. Hopefully it ships by the end of this month. I’m not sure which U1300L you have, whether it is an ambulance back or other.

    Given the low headroom in the ambulance box and your interest in keeping Unimog looking like military vehicles I wondered if you had any thoughts on how best to lay out the ambulance back as a camper. The traditional method is to raise the roof and extend the rear to give the max 3.9 length. www.Ubelix.de managed to keeps theirs standard and still fit in a bathroom. I’d love to keep the Mog as it was designed and retain the awesome offroad ability. Plus I just like the way it looks as is.

    Would appreciate being able to swop notes with you on how you have found your U1300L.


    Craig van Zeyl
    m. +61 413 055 332
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