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    1988 Packmule expedition conversion

    When I purchased mine, the only option was the "2000 lb with 3500 lb hubs" as I needed the lift to fit the 315 Duratracs in. Been holding up great so far.
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    1988 Packmule expedition conversion

    They are great trailers and if you can get one, I would but then again, I am biased! I have just been using it lately, the next mods will be taking one of GregB's ideas for an awning off the back for cooking etc and then using the awning walls if needed for inclement weather. Tepui make a pretty...
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    Tongue Box Mounting

    Started with welding on angle brackets and cross braces. Found I needed the box farther ahead to clear the axe, shovel and hi-lift jack. So ended up using a 3/4" piece of starboard (marine lumber) cut to the same size as the box and bolted to the cross braces to provide a platform for the...
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    Battery Box Setup recommendations?

    Thanks! Here are a couple more, one showing the solar panel and another view inside when I had the original 20 amp solar charger and one of the outside led lights and the lighted switch panel. The outside lights are controlled by the box between the inverter and the solar charger. It allows 10...
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    Very waterrproof 12volt outlet

    I have one on my Triumph Speed Triple to run a charge port for the phone/navigation and the radar detector. I've been caught in a few good soakings and it has held up well.
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    Battery Box Setup recommendations?

    While I won't profess to have all the answers, I'll share what I did and so far... (5 trips) it has been working well. Harbor freight low trailer box as I have an axe, shovel and hi-lift jack behind it and wanted to retain access to the tools. The first pic shows the 6 position marine switch...
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    1988 Packmule expedition conversion

    Yeah I faced the same challenge, the new carb cans are horrible. You can find them on ebay if you search enough there are sellers without the shipping restrictions but you'll have to settle for the color they offer and paint them or here on Amazon for more money but again without the shipping...
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    How do you carry your fuel on your trailer?

    Thanks, the build thread is here the box is a harbor freight #66244 2.27 sq foot box on top of a 3/4" starboard platform. I went with the lower sq ft and height box as I have a hi-lift, axe and shovel behind it and wanted access. The panel is a 20 watt instapark panel that fit on top of the...
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    School me about the latest brake controllers for off-road....

    I have a P3 on my '13 jeep with trailer. So far, it has performed wonderfully both on and offroad. I like the manual option on it as well for dragging the trailer over a rock. Coming back from my latest trip, a 4 car accident unfolded (or should say folded up) right in front of us on the Pacheco...
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    How do you carry your fuel on your trailer?

    Two 5 liter nato military cans on mine Had to modify the frontrunner frames to allow the cans to clear the trailer lip. Ooops.
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    Timbren Axle-Less suspension

    Yep, Just got back from doing the El Camino del Diablo trail between Yuma and Ajo Arizona. A long trail of rocks, ruts, washboard and sand along with a 1,500 mile round trip tow. Suspension held up great throughout the journey and the water tank the axle-less suspension let me put in came in...
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    RTT Tent Comparison chart

    A great resource and very comprehensive look at the models and features. I wish I had this when doing research for my RTT. Excellent work!
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    What are you using for stabilizers/levelers on your trailer with a RTT?

    Yes, I cobbled together a set using the AT concept for the front and rear. Very stable when uncoupled from the jeep. In hindsight or as a phase II mod would be to make them able to swing up under the frame and held with a quickfist clamp. Right now they are held in with a clevis pin for easy...
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    What are you using for stabilizers/levelers on your trailer with a RTT?

    One of the best stabilizer and storage systems I've seen. Great work!
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    Trailer Brakes Necessity?

    Jeep unlimited and towing a smallish trailer, I am very happy I followed advice and installed brakes on it. Yes, more cost including a controller and wiring the Jeep for a 7 pin. Added bonus is charging the trailer batteries off it when connected to the jeep and the greater confidence that the...