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    2000 Cherokee - worth 10-11k?

    10k for a 21 year old XJ?! That's insane! I think the most expensive one I've bought was 5 grand and that was 15 years ago. You're better off with the higher mileage and less then half the price. Regardless of mileage, being over 20 years old means that you'll have to fix things. The best part...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    My new (to me) WK in front of my old ZJ on Thomas Mountain last month.
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    2004 TJ rear lower control arms for 2" ome lift with factory style bushings?

    The orientation doesn't matter. You can get links with flex joints on both sides. Most companies recommend the rubber on the vehicle side to dampen the noise.
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    Project WK - My new SRV (Sanity Reset Vehicle)

    The spacers were just to fit the tires and allow for the larger studs that come on the JL. You can bolt JL wheels up to any of the 5x5 bolt pattern jeeps but the stud size of the older models is smaller. I'm running both my sway bars but will probably come up with a disconnect for the rear. For...
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    Project WK - My new SRV (Sanity Reset Vehicle)

    I bought a 2010 wk with the qd2 a few months back and have done or am in progress on most of what you're talking about. I feel like I have enough off-road time on the suspension to offer a decent opinion now too. I ended up going with bilsteins front and back with h and r lift springs. I...
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    2013 Triumph Tiger 800xc abs for sale Southern California

    Hi, I'm selling my super low miles Tiger. Asking 6900 located in north county San Diego. Here's a link to the craigslist ad Let me know if you have additional questions or text/call/email. My info is in...
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    Round Off-road lights... What to do?

    Kragen HID's. Or any of the other identical chinese off road HIDs, they work excellent and usually run around 100$ a pair. Most have a red trim ring but can easily be painted. I noticed pro comp has their name on what looks to be the same ones now and they're black and silver.