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    WTB 8’ Flip-pac

    Not mine...
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    PM sent...
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    FS/FT 60L Dual Zone National Luna Fridge - SoCal

    Its the Dometic CFX65DZ I think this should be a link
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    FS/FT 60L Dual Zone National Luna Fridge - SoCal

    I've got a dual zone Dometic, 65L. Its the one that has the removable divider so it can go dual zone or regular fridge. I've got a cover too...
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    2010 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Crew Cab w/Caravan Camper

    PM Sent with phone number... I'm just south of you.
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    Raptor w/ GFC Camper

    Location? I'm guessing So Cal by the lic plate of the electric cart in the background... Miles? Engine? Suspension (stock/modified?) oh and price please. I couldn't last with a black truck, but always thought they looked good with the bronze rims. Best of luck. Congrats on the Ram...
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    SOLD: 2015 Outfitter Juno 10 & 2015 GMC Sierra 3500

    Dang... Dreamy. Did you ever get it weighed? I'm guessing close to 3,000?
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    2014 RAM 3500 Diesel

    The mileage isn't that bad... Check Cargurus and Autotrader to see what dealers are asking. The prices are absolutely nuts right now. Great time to sell, not a good time to buy. I'd try to sell it as it first, then if nobody bites, take the stuff off and sell it stock (rack, rear bumper...
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    Camper Dolly in San Diego $100.00

    Sent a DM as well...
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    Callen Camper Company- Back in Business

    He did the same thing before the San Marcos guy took over. Just Craigslist ads with his personal phone number. He’s old school. We‘ll be lucky to see a website. I just wish his campers weren’t so heavy. Newer trucks can’t handle weight of the heavy campers on the bed rails without...
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    Callen Camper Company- Back in Business

    Good news... Looks like Jim Callen has taken over Callen Campers again. No longer affiliated with the San Marcos off shoot.
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    2006 EarthRoamer XV-LT

    His little flyer attached states: $125,000
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    ***SOLD*** 2017 F250 STX 6.7 Powerstroke UTE Flatbed AT Summit •Price Reduced 65k•

    Is the Summit permanently mounted to the Ute tray? Or can is be removed? And if so would you consider separating the Summit? Interior shots of the truck and camper? Trying to visualize four people inside. Is the interior lined or just raw aluminum? Front bench seat or console? Manual...
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    SOLD 2017 F-350 super duty 6.2l gasser and 2009 Hallmark Guanella $69.5k

    Nice! Something refreshing about everything manual, and nothing to break. Those 7.3's are nice. Love your F350, built perfectly.