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    BBS Jeep builds- 2018 JK (Gobi), 2014 JKUR (Copperhead Pearl)

    Out with old, in with the new. Old axles are out, new ones getting mocked and measured.
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    BBS Jeep builds- 2018 JK (Gobi), 2014 JKUR (Copperhead Pearl)

    Update on the 2014 JKUR 1 ton build. 2005 Ford D60 2001 Chevy 14 bolt Parts are rolling and and welding has commenced. Core 4X4 arms and track bars RPM Aluminum steering Powerstop brake kits front/rear Warn locking hubs Artec Truss and high steer arms New bearings front/Rear TMR Customs track...
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    Mounting ARB 2500 to 4 door JK (and 2 doors)- looking for examples

    We're adding an ARB 2500 and room to our '14 JKUR and would like to see how others have mounted their awnings. We also have a 2 door and may swap it back and forth. I'm hoping there are some creative mounts that don't involve a rack. Thanks in advance!
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Spent several days in the wife's 2 door hiking, camping and Jeeping in the Ozarks.
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    Aluminum Rockers

    ^ +1 on Genright. Plus they have rash guard options if you ever play in the rocks.
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    PM sent
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    BBS Jeep builds- 2018 JK (Gobi), 2014 JKUR (Copperhead Pearl)

    :ROFLMAO: Originally we saw the Teraflex Jeep with orange wheels and thought WTH. Then I researched why on earth anyone would put orange wheels on a Jeep, I found out that was a stock color combo way back when on the Willys. Next thing I know it's my wife's wallpaper on her laptop. Shortly...
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    BBS Jeep builds- 2018 JK (Gobi), 2014 JKUR (Copperhead Pearl)

    Today was the last of the cutting, trimmed up the C. Dropping the axles off in a few days to get sand blasted, they'll powder coat the wheels there too. For those that have never torn down a D60 or 14 bolt here are a couple of pictures of the pinion size (3.73)
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    2018 Wranlger JK Unlimited Build (for now)

    Gobi is the best!! (y) Jeep looks great, BUT with a name like Axles and Antennas I expected a lot more axle action on this build :confused: LOL Would like to see a pic of that skid plate you made.
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    BBS Jeep builds- 2018 JK (Gobi), 2014 JKUR (Copperhead Pearl)

    Our '14 JKUR is used as our pack mule when we take longer trips with both Jeeps. Usually we'll have one of our adult kids and their spouse drive it, but now our oldest grand kids are almost driving age. For that reason we're going to add some strength to the 'ol '14 with A D60 from a 2005 F250...
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    Is it a sign that I'm just growing up or getting boring?? Soon to be Wrangler-less...

    I run without a top/doors for more than half the year, last year it was March thru October. I'm not set on a Wrangler as much as I'm set on a vehicle giving me that top/doors off experience. So I'll continue to build and modify my Wrangler for many, many years.
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    Comms Radio setup

    We run the Cobra 75 with the box behind the glove box mount to the metal crossbar. No HAM yet and only a handheld GMRS. Mount is from Jeepunique
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    License plate light kit help

    We used the kit from ACE on our 2014, it has a 3rd brake light and license light. The kit came with everything including plug-n-play wiring for easy install, and it's held up great for years.
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    Parasitic Battery Drain...

    Year, make, model?
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    Scan Tools?

    Not sure what year or model Jeep we're talking about, but check out Jscan to see if it meets your needs. Pretty affordable and does everything we need it to do.