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  • where are you headed from oxnard? i can recommend nice rural routes in any direction.

    if you stay on hwy 33 through ojai, you wind up and over 5400ft elevation, and can go west on 166 back tword the coast, or stay on 33 and head for Bakersfield and north up the 5.

    feel free to call or text for a faster response 805 798 4915

    i will be camping at Lake Casitas(10 min from ventura, tword ojai) tomorrow night.
    I'm on travel for a few days from AL and staying in Oxnard. I was itching to get out and see some of these mountains yesterday and ended up in Ojai. I then drove north for what seemed forever and eventually had to turn back around. Neat little town. Very different from the South. Are there any cool spots or places I need to check out on my last day here?

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