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    Starter Comms — What should I get for basic comms to let me start joining group runs, etc?

    I would bite the bullet, take the amateur radio test, and buy a mobile dual band radio. If you actually want to communicate on the trail that’s the way to go. Alternatively, many still use CB, you could start with one of those. If you want to be able to communicate with the outside world...
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    Ford Transit Connect, where to get swingout rear bumper?

    That may be a custom build item. I think it’s in the realm of DIY, but you’re going to want to actually weld it together. I wouldn’t trust aluminum brazing on something that could fall off as you’re driving down the highway.
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    INEOS Grenadier

    I would actually buy a year 3 Grenadier. And I’m not one to buy new cars.
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    Need some help, thoughts and pointers.

    Good tires. Then drive it and see what you need.
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    Snatch block for synthetic line

    You can use any wire rope snatch block with synthetic rope. If it’s been used for wire before I would be wary of using it with synthetic. Small abrasions on the block maybe over time damage the synthetic. At least make sure it’s very smooth. As with any block you’ll want to tension your rigging...
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    Types of tire chains?

    I also use these. I think they’re among the best that can be purchased in the states for a reasonable price. You can buy better, stouter chains, but the price climbs quickly for something rarely used.
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    BFG KM2 problems

    I’ve seen enough tire failures to convince me to replace tires at six years regardless of wear.
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    Lets talk small generators!

    For regular use I wouldn’t buy anything other than a Honda or Yamaha. For just battery charging a ~1000 watt would be plenty. For camping, or for anything, I would want something quiet which means inverter. The second hand market for Honda and Yamaha is also strong, so if you needed to part...
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    Ratchet straps, electrical cords and other "tangle-ables"

    I’ve gotten away from ratchet straps. Too much China made junk. Some rope and good old fashioned American knot know. Over-under for short extension cords, daisy chain for longer. Over-under or figure eight for garden hoses. Rolled for fire hose.
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    Lets talk shovels

    I immediately discount a product if the manufacturer adds “tactical” to the name when there is nothing tactical about it.
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    7.3 question

    I would plan on dumping a few thousand into it. Mostly suspension refresh and fixing any issues it has. If it’s a fair price, the vehicle meets your needs, and you’re familiar with it’s weaknesses and can live with them; I would go for it. Why does he want to part with it?
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    Lets talk shovels

    That’s why it’s sharpened.
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    Tree saver straps

    This is what I’m looking at as an alternative: US Cargo Control sling
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    Tree saver straps

    I’m in need of a couple tree saver straps. ARB 16ft can be bought for ~$60. Is there any reason to spend more money on stronger, rigging type, continuous loop, slings? ARB only lists the breaking strength as 26k pounds and I’m assuming that is in basket configuration. If I use the standard 5:1...
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    GMT900 Suburban/Yukon XLs today

    “Build?” LOL. Buy it, drive it. Way too much time and money spent on “builds,” not enough on the “get out there” side.