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    Lets talk small generators!

    For regular use I wouldn’t buy anything other than a Honda or Yamaha. For just battery charging a ~1000 watt would be plenty. For camping, or for anything, I would want something quiet which means inverter. The second hand market for Honda and Yamaha is also strong, so if you needed to part...
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    Ratchet straps, electrical cords and other "tangle-ables"

    I’ve gotten away from ratchet straps. Too much China made junk. Some rope and good old fashioned American knot know. Over-under for short extension cords, daisy chain for longer. Over-under or figure eight for garden hoses. Rolled for fire hose.
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    Lets talk shovels

    I immediately discount a product if the manufacturer adds “tactical” to the name when there is nothing tactical about it.
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    7.3 question

    I would plan on dumping a few thousand into it. Mostly suspension refresh and fixing any issues it has. If it’s a fair price, the vehicle meets your needs, and you’re familiar with it’s weaknesses and can live with them; I would go for it. Why does he want to part with it?
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    Lets talk shovels

    That’s why it’s sharpened.
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    Tree saver straps

    This is what I’m looking at as an alternative: US Cargo Control sling
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    Tree saver straps

    I’m in need of a couple tree saver straps. ARB 16ft can be bought for ~$60. Is there any reason to spend more money on stronger, rigging type, continuous loop, slings? ARB only lists the breaking strength as 26k pounds and I’m assuming that is in basket configuration. If I use the standard 5:1...
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    GMT900 Suburban/Yukon XLs today

    “Build?” LOL. Buy it, drive it. Way too much time and money spent on “builds,” not enough on the “get out there” side.
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    Braided Air Line for Compressor options

    Soft copper tubing and a hand bender? Never used it for an air line in a vehicle, but I don’t see why not as long as it isn’t hanging out completely exposed to damage. Easy to repair, but that usually means easy to damage.
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    IRS vs straight axle

    IRS is superior if engineered to be used off road. The problem is, it’s not engineered to be used off road. There’s very little that can be done aftermarket to improve it without completely re-engineering it.
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    Source needed: Made to order wire with connectors

    I ordered from Powerwerx. Both cables shipped for $43.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    I’m getting closer to completion of the winch project. The control box is behind the grill, so I’m waiting on the remote extension. The synthetic rope has been ordered and the short wires for the battery/disconnect/fuse setup have been ordered. I’ll probably go out tomorrow and pick up the...
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    Source needed: Made to order wire with connectors

    I’m working on setting up my winch. I’m installing a fuse and a disconnect. I need a source for a few pieces of 2 gauge wire with ring terminals properly crimped on. Is there a company that I can specify the type, length, gauge, and terminals that will make them for me? I’m not sure about...
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    Prebuilt Campers for a Cab and Chassis?

    Four Wheel Campers or Alaskan Campers can be had in a flat bed model. You’ll need a flat bed.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Installed Thule track and Yakima Skyline towers with round bars.