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    Microsoft Surface GPS?

    It's best used with mouse/keyboard in a desk environment.
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    Microsoft Surface GPS?

    Maps pro looks alright. Reviews had problems with offline maps which is a bummer. I've been using delorme topo USA, but I can't recommend it. the vector maps are great and compact, but the interface does not work well with touch. very powerful, but hard to use.
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    Gen 1 Tundra Rear Suspension Questions

    the 9.25" travel jives with my chicken scratch notes from a few years ago. looking at icon's website they now have three different 2.5" piggyback rear shocks stating compatibility with 0-1.5", 0-2" or 0-3" of lift. I had the CDC adjusters added after original purchase, but I think I have the...
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Didn't want to damage the merchandise in Moab. Makes sense now. :squint:
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    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    Are you already out of AZ? I'm not too far from Zuk
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    No! You can't sell it. You just finished it.
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    Rivnut in dash as base for RAM mount?

    There are rivet nuts specifically for plastic: which have extra long ears/wings. They work way better in plastic than regular rivet nuts. I'm using several M6 rivetnuts to mount a small cooler to a mounting plate
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    Ideas/examples of what folks have done after removing back seats in extended/crew cab

    80/20 aluminum frame to hold whatever I need. Removing the cushion greatly increased road noise, but ymmv.
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    Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build

    Do the power fold mirrors still free fold if pushed into a tree?
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    TundraBirds Go! Picture Thread for Tundras and T-100s

    I was wondering how you got it so short... linked rear is the answer. I'm at 59" inside length with leafs. Should still get around on the trail pretty well with linked rear and ifs front.
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    TundraBirds Go! Picture Thread for Tundras and T-100s

    ************! We are going to need some more details. Suspension front/rear, bed length, etc.
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    Still rocking the stock tank. Nalgene is a pretty good idea. I was looking at some of the swag metal versions for fjc and 4runners, but none looked like great options. Our pump has a different PN than the later model trucks, so I'm not sure if the old pump mounts in a newer tank. So far my plan...
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    seanpistol's 01 Tundra

    I'm curious what you have in store for the washer reservoir. PVC like JJC or some kind of welded contraption?