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    Ego 18” Saw Dead

    Take it to your local hardware store where you purchased and they will be glad to help you.
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    I believe there is an EP fridge review from a year or so ago that you can find on here. May answer some of your questions. Sorry, I do not have the link.
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    Freaking COVID vs adventures grrrrr!!

    Hopefully Omicron will follow the same steep curve up and back down in a very short time frame in N.A. as it did in South Africa.
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    I saw Don's trailer in Dave's shop. It is very well done. The quality of components as well as fit and finish is amazing.
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    2020 Ram Powerwagon Carli Baja designs expedition one

    That is an awesome PW build and beautiful truck all around. GLWS!
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    The Heart of the West Loop

    A heartfelt thank you to Dale for leading this adventure and posting up this report! What a great trip we all had!! The tracks on the HOTW routes were amazing. Getting to stand and see very visible wagon wheel ruts from the Oregon trail era where emigrants faced challenges we cannot even fathom...
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    *SOLD- Lexus GX460 Tourer

    Not sure how you have kept an 11yr old vehicle with 180k miles in western Michigan this clean but damn! GLWS!!
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    Kimberley Kampers USA

    My brother was at Dave's shop looking at Kimberly's the day you picked up your S3. He was very impressed with your built 200 LC! After seeing these pics I understand why.
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    Exterior Preservation (Keeping the Dang Thing Clean)

    OP The plastic trim on your fenders, bumpers, door handles, etc. can be preserved with many of the above suggestions. The black top however is a totally different material and finish, therefor should not need any special care unless parked outside continuously in the desert southwest. IMHO
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    Virginia to Montana (FWC) to Wyoming (YNP) to Michigan (AEV)

    Awesome trip report and pics. Looking forward to seeing your AEV Ram Prospector!!
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    5 Things (or more) you would change after traveling in your truck?

    Sorry Lost my interest in seats and fuel capacity after seeing the awning picture 😜
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    2018 Patriot Camper GT SLC, Utah (Sold)

    Not familiar with Patriot, but is it possible the water heater issue is related to the propane tank issue? Possibly as simple as a valve or regulator. Should be an easy fix.
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    WTB: 73/74 Series Land Cruiser in the US

    May try and reach out to Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters in SLC. He has a lot of contacts in the LC world and may be able to steer you in the right direction. He would also be a good resource for your rebuild.
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    Sale Suspended Until Fall- - -03 4x4 Chevy 2500HD X-Cab Short SB, Arizona

    In todays market conditions, selling that truck for less than $16.5k would be a sin.
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    Recommend a great, not just good, first aid kit. Check these guys out. I have heard they supply multiple elite military groups as well as first responders, wildland firefighters, etc. Also provide training on how to use the kits. May be a little too combat/trauma heavy...