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  • I was looking at this thread and the two Tacos you posted look an awful lot like the ones in this youtube video. Any chance this is you? I have been searching youtube and Expo posts for more info on the Wyoming backcountry in preparation for our move to Riverton in July 2015. Do you have any recommendations on specific routes? Perhaps we will see you on the trail sometime....

    Hey man, i actually did. Im just building my own kit. Much cheaper and its easy to do with my own manual solenoid/isolator. Its not automatic so you have to keep a better eye on things but it'll work great i think. Just could justify the cost of the kits. Plus ill be using a bigger relay which will be safer for winching.

    Between the two kits though id just with the IBS system. Its the most ready to go and has the best features.
    Thanks for getting the group buy going on here. Did you ever get a dual battery system ? Saw your posts on tw, trying to decide between the tmaxx and ibs system
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