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    Chevy wins another truck comparison test

    The new generation (as found in 2014 Silverado and 2015 Suburban) is a bit less sensitive. It can actually accelerate a bit before you need all 8 cylinders.
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    Chevy wins another truck comparison test

    I can only speak for the Chevy, but the new engine's cylinder deactivation means that the differential between highway/steady speed MPG and in town MPG is going to be bigger than usual. I don't really understand the horsepower race... I have never been in a situation where my 318 V8 felt...
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    Customs destroy illegally imported LR Defender

    Is this the third or the fourth thread this week about this? Pretty simple, people - the law said illegal imports would be crushed. People knowingly went around the law. If you knowingly break a law, you get to deal with the consequences. If you don't like the law, then get the law changed...
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    2006 Toyota Land Cruiser - 86K and Super Clean - Dallas, TX

    Wow, I paid $500 for the same service. Shop around, my friend. Good luck with the sale, looks like a nice example!
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    Dodge Dakota- Family Adventures

    Yay, another Dakota guy. I love my '95, most comfortable camping platform I've ever had.
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    1978 Cherokee Chief Build

    Sigh... I miss my FSJ's. I will tell you, the widetrack D44 is a beefy axle, but I will never forget the time my rear wheel and halfshaft went rolling past me down an offramp. 4" and 33's is a sweet spot for these trucks - when I got it, the brown one was lifted about like yours is now and it...
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    Bowlus Road Chief returns

    How many trailers that big can be towed by a 2.0l car? :D
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    Surplus Land Rovers

    So tempting... I wonder if the Canadian Army would accept a trade? :P
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    The Terrors of Tear Down and the Perils of Project Pause

    My Range Rover is pretty solidly paused at the moment. I only managed to do the coil conversion because I was sick of moving it every three days and bouncing on the bumpstops. Next come the HVAC and the idle and the front driveshaft and the brakes and the and the and the
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    4th of July in Colorado ('Merica)

    Beautiful trip report... Once I finish exploring all of California, Colorado is near the top of my to-do list :)
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    I want it!

    Offer him 75 cents. Oftentimes, people on Craigslist are negotiable!
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    From Tucson to the Redwoods...

    Cool, thanks!
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    ASUS MeMo Pad HD 7 -- $149 with GPS

    I'm looking forward to this one... Finally a tablet that seems to be worth the price asked of it.
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    i wanna buy a disco 2 but................

    My $500 Range Rover has 186,000 miles on it. I just switched to coils from air suspension because of a short, but other than that it has been very reliable. Not once have I ever been unable to get home. My '95 Disco (bought new) died to save my life at 185k miles. In all that time, we were...