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    Vehicle Portable Battery Options for Keeping a Dometic CFX 40 Refrigerator Charged

    What product/do you have a link to the smaller remote box? (the one where you mounted the solar controller).
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    Need a little help designing lifepo4 system with alternator charging

    Does all models support custom profiles? I only saw custom profiles listed on these: Or...
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    Integrate Goal Zero 400 Lithium into existing camper house battery

    Goal Zero will make a 12V adapter/car charge cable, according to the Q&A page (on the 400 Li product page) they say 'The 12V car charger for our Lithium Yetis will be launched this fall'. I believe it will be some kind of adapter with voltage/current regulation/protection to protect the source...
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    Does a backup battery/compressor/12v rechargable product exist?

    Some of the larger Noco jumpstarters have 12V in/out that can be used to charge the unit or run a portable air compressor: (I have no affiliation with this company, and I dont know how well they perform at this task).
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    GoalZero Yeti 400 Lithium only puts out 10.9 volts

    If you or someone else have other devices that are voltage sensitive one could add one of these units to make sure you always have 12V:
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    GoalZero Yeti 400 Lithium only puts out 10.9 volts

    Someone has asked this very question on the GZ Q&A page: That means Yeti 400 Li use a 3S liIon setup, and a voltage of about 12.6V fully charged as mentioned above, and around 10V or so when discharged. My Waeco compressor cooler has a selectable two level battery monitor, shut off at 10.2V or...
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium - in-car charging

    I looked at the 400Li manual and it says: It doesnt make much sense to me, the Yeti has a input port that accepts 14-30V DC 10A/120W. As long as the supply (car, solar panel, wall charger etc) supplies DC in this range it should be fine. When looking at the Q&A section on the 400Li product...
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?

    I must admit that I have not used it that much since I also have a Sherpa 100 that I use more often, but there has been no issues so far. I have not done many deep discharges since there has been no need so far. Some more details: Originally the AGM battery is connected to the powerpole ports...
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    Connecting non-proprietary solar panel to Goal Zero Yeti 400

    The Sherpa 100 I own is equipped with a 19V laptop output, and comes with different tips: Tips: 5.5mm - 6.0mm - 8.0mm laptop - 8mm input (modded with powerpole) - 7.4mm HP laptop charger - 7.4mm laptop. The tips are described like this in the Sherpa manual: It seems to me that the 8mm...
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    Connecting non-proprietary solar panel to Goal Zero Yeti 400

    Sorry, the DC5521 plug does not match the 8mm input plug on the Yeti. (picture shows my Sherpa 100, but my Yeti 400 use the same plug).
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?

    I have converted my Yeti 400 to using a LiFePo4 pack. I asked Ping ( to build a custom pack that fit inside the cage in the Yeti. With the measurements I gave them they recommended a 40Ah pack, but I asked them what they could do if they made a pack with almost no...
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    ARB fridge. Goal Zero Extreme 350 Power Pack

    Here is the battery in my Yeti 400:
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    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Experiences?

    I have a Yeti 400 on the way shipping to me now, so I havent tested this personally yet, but I think connecting an external charger to the powerpole ports should work fine (according to Goal Zero the powerpole ports are directly connected to the battery, quote: "That port is direct to the...