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    Advice on 1991 Provan Tiger

    That's a really nice Tiger! I'd love to find one at that price! It's a pretty common upgrade to replace the fiber springs with steel from a later Astro or S-10. No upgrades available for the front T-Bars, but with body spacers, 2.5" of lift is real easy. The AWD is pretty awesome on these...
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    Binky, the '92 7.3l 4x4 Econoline

    Finally took Binky out for a trip longer than just a weekend. I had a chance to pick up a free newly rebuilt engine and transmission for my vintage Saabs, leftover from an unfinished project. The bad news was, it was in Sandpoint, ID. The good news was that it's only an hour north of the Coeur...
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    Sorry. No, just the pair. I'm pretty sure I had Bend Signs do them for me. I stole the image...

    Sorry. No, just the pair. I'm pretty sure I had Bend Signs do them for me. I stole the image from Reddit or similar...
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    Binky, the '92 7.3l 4x4 Econoline

    Ordered a 200w solar panel today. Should fit perfectly in the space on the roof, behind the pop-up. There's a huge space in the frame between the rear axle and the spare tire. Thinking that's a good spot to mount batteries.
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    Binky, the '92 7.3l 4x4 Econoline

    It's been a long summer, and now I finally got some time to work on the inside. Bed kit is done, framed in 1" tube with 1/2" plywood panels. The rear and side boxes hold the mattress and all the bedding... The divider panel folds flat or fully down. I left space in the back for bikes, race...
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    New Here. Searching for the perfect camper van, looking for guidance

    Like Iggy, I get 14-16 MPG w/my 7.3 IDI 4x4 Econoline350, but that is without a galley, (greatly expanded) power system or grey/blackwater system. I expect that mileage to drop further as I add weight. One thought on the overnight A/C. The little Honda generators are pretty quiet. One of those...
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    Quadravan dana 60 tie rod ends

    Is your Quadravan a Ford? I found that all my replaceable driveline parts are standard F-350 bits. All available at NAPA, but pay the $$ and get the genuine MOOG. Genuine will cost almost double the Chinese stuff, but worth it. John
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    Hodakaguy's 4x4 Sprinter Build

    Where did you get the piston? I really wish I could stop in the middle of a project to take pictures! John
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    YOLANDA...My Turbine Princess build 03 7.3 E350 pop top 4x4

    Sorry, yes, just like Wanderer's. Measured at the corners.
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    YOLANDA...My Turbine Princess build 03 7.3 E350 pop top 4x4

    Wanderr, Looking good but giving me waaayyy too much to think about! I already need to pull a few leafs from my rear spring, and want a TruTrack diff, and disc brakes. But if I just happened to find a newer axle w/discs and a locker in the junk yard... Your travels hit so much of my old...
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    YOLANDA...My Turbine Princess build 03 7.3 E350 pop top 4x4

    Handy link! Binky's roof is 13' 2" long x 5' wide if that helps. Sweet Pinzer! John
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    Which Overland Vehicle and Why?

    Against my better judgment... Like other posters have said, there are lots of places on the West where diesel can be difficult to find. My old boss would specify gas when buying our work trucks just because that could happen to us just from work situations. Come dragging back into some tiny...
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    How does everyone finance a used adventure van

    Congratulations on the van! I have too many credit cards from over the years, and most have no balance. Because of this and my credit score, I get 0% interest for 14-18 months checks every month from my CC companies. I looked and looked for a van I could pay off in 18 months, found Binky on an...
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    Binky, the '92 7.3l 4x4 Econoline

    My hinge bolt and tire mounting plate came from Aluminess today. Always impressed by the quality. Well, turns out they sent the wrong mount. See, I just needed the simple plate with studs. That plate then bolts to an extension welded to the swing arm. They sent this... Not what I was...
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    '00 Chevy Astro Cargo stealth Camper project

    Correct on all counts. Much of the Astro is basically Chevy 1500. One reason it's so bulletproof and cheap to fix. I wouldn't have needed the rear t-case notch if I wouldn't have made that bend, so don't. It was made in a 20 ton press, so I couldn't unbend it. I made the keyhole because I got...