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  • Thanks for getting back to me. I put weight on your posts and design, given this is your 5th rig and you've used it in snowy and warm weather conditions. I desire to do the same. As I wrestle w/decisions and compromises I come back to a tall fixed top (Voyager/Cruiser Sportsmobile or a tall Sprinter) design. Admittedly, I wouldn't turn down a great deal on a pop top. After all, in the end, it's about getting out there. I failed to mention it earlier, but I really like your bike rack solution and how it cantilevers over the spare. Clever!

    I am on the fence over an aisle arrangement w/rollover/jack-knife sofa (which I guess is a bit narrower than a double bed) or a platform (width-wise) bed across the back. At 5'8", either arrangement works for me. I think, the platform setup allows for some more storage but isn't quite as conducive if one encounters an extended period of inclement weather. Your thoughts?

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Nice setup. Appreciated your post about a pop top in snow/cold conditions. Appears you've made a great rig with the Cruiser top and rack; love that you incorporated solar too. Anything you'd change?
    Share the glue man!! No I was never a sponsor of the Portal. I would like to be but It seems to me they are taken up and I do not want them to start another thread because i want to sponser one it already sucks that they divided it once for smb. Now everyone needs to go through two threads to learn about vans. I am a vendor on smbforum though.
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