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    GMRS antenna on smaller vehicles

    If the (plastic?) roof should become an option, there are (longer?) GMRS antennas that do not require a metal ground plane. (A roof mount should at least give any antenna the greatest possible unobstructed “view”.)
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    InReach to InReach Location Tracking

    If location sharing is the primary goal, then sending out Preset Messages (which normally include position information) to other inReach users should accomplish the purpose at no additional expense.
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    InReach to InReach Location Tracking

    At least, if only Preset Messages are sent between units (NOT Replies), there should be no charge against message allotment on a given subscription plan.
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Reveal should occur at 4:01 pm PDT/7:01 pm EDT today (July 6) here in the U.S. Any idea where to find a possible livestream?
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    Weather radio battery problem. Fix or replace?

    Just take it to your neighborhood Radio Shack Store…oh, never mind.
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    Tire Trusting

    Moreover, even if your tires are rated for 80 psi, your rubber valve stems probably are not.
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    Anyone still using a 1st Gen SPOT Satellite Messenger?

    Also, there are now many competitors to Garmin for two-way messaging/SOS on the Iridium Network.
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    GPS recommendations for seniors

    A little “pitch” for Scenic Map: Pay once, download once (no computer needed), and a regional map (several states worth) with many (but not all) roads and trails is always there for you on your device.
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    GPS recommendations for seniors

    I too am ‘Senior’, and use Scenic Map on my iPhone. I only wish there was a way to create a Route by linking Waypoints.
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    Forestry Roads & COMS

    Just knowing the frequency in use on a given road might allow a recreational user to at least monitor for oncoming truck traffic.
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    Defender Transfer Case Upgrades?

    At 207k miles, the Transfer Case on my 1997 NAS Defender 90 (A/T) has started leaking (a lot). Assuming that it will need to be sent out for a well deserved overhaul, are there any mods that I should be looking for that would improve reliability and robustness (I do NOT plan any gear ratio...
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    Forestry Roads & COMS

    Interesting, and understandable, that the downhill traffic (heavy trucks) on the “Resource Roads” in B.C. have the right-of-way, exactly the opposite of the rules on public roads in the U.S. (at least in California).
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    Routes in Scenic Map?

    I use the Scenic Map app on my iPhone for off-grid navigation. Is there a way to link together a few of my waypoints in order to display a contiguous ROUTE on Scenic Map?
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    Will any of the Garmins have better GPS than phone?

    Love use of “no impact” in discussion about bombs!