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    Found this van yesterday. Considering for build. Your thoughts?

    If mine didn’t need to be an Ambulance, for advertising reasons, I’d be all over one of those Red Cross vans. Compared to mine it seems like a ton of money... but it has no miles on it. I’d be Leary of a 6.0... but at least you’re going in eyes wide open.
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    2005 Chinook front end swap

    I’ll come by and take it off your hands if the border opens up. I’m not unhappy with the ‘97 front end, but the newer one would make space for an intercooler.
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    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    I’ll take Roxul / Rock Wool insulation over glass any day of the week. For now I’m leaving my glass insulation alone... way too much work to do anything else with it.
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    The oil pressure switch which makes it so the high power drain accessories only get power when the engine is running essentially connects that prong of the relay to ground when there’s oil pressure. If you instead connect that prong of the relay to a steady ground, then you’ll have power to...
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    Hambo build thread

    I’ve also recently seen hard-sided panels used to make four season campers that pop up rather than using canvas or nylon which is thinner and colder
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    Hambo build thread

    My thoughts along that line would be to cover the existing roof in plastic (use vacuum to suck it tight to the body) and then lay fibreglass overtop. With a little careful planning a pop-top roof could be built that would fit tight to the existing roof. The increase in height could be less than...
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    Alternatives to UJOR for Ford 4x4 conversion

    In google search order after Ujoint: Timberline - found via google - no idea - Colorado Clydesdale - west coast - Canada MG metalwork - - west coast Advanced 4x4 vans Agile Off Road - works well - no longer does E series :(
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    Best Fridge Had the best price I could find on the fridge I bought. At the time I was shopping for one they also had 10% off for signing up... and offered a discount if you left something in your...
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    Moog CC880S coils

    With only a 5.4, 880s will be too heavy. I’m very happy with them and a heavier 7.3 psd. I believe 860 may be better suited for you.
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    GMC Ambo Conversion (Roof Raise)

    All you need is a garage to pull it into. I've got a garage, but the Ambo will never fit into the <7' door. At least it's there for working on my shorter truck. I just need to clear up some other projects so I have space & time to work on it.
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    GMC Ambo Conversion (Roof Raise)

    looks good. If nothing else, it’s sealed and ready for a colour matched top coat. I wish there was an affordable paint that I could just buy that’d be a great match, but if such a thing exists, I’ve never seen it, I had the local Automotive Parts / Paint shop scan the colour and make a custom...
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    GMC Ambo Conversion (Roof Raise)

    They certainly shouldn’t snap when drilling into aluminum. I’ve had some issues with them if the steel was longer than the “drill bit”. When I’ve used self tappers in the past, I’ve noticed a big difference between ones from Acklands Grainger & cheaper places.
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    I’ve not posted here in eons. I modified the drivers side cabinets to fit a fridge and microwave. Just recently acquired the clear doors and grab bar. I don’t want a kitchen inside. The Ambo has a bench from a Ford conversion van that lays flat into queen size bed.
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    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    Sometimes you have to be creative. My only truck has very short wipers that are straight (flat windshield). I’m fortunate I can still buy them at the dealership. In your situation I’d check marine shops, the Western Star Dealers or whatever truck shops you have around.