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    1996 Ford Ambulance - AMP light on, and voltage/amperage meter going fubar

    Mitsubishi 215 amp 32 lbs last time I checked $956 cdn from Ford. No stock available in North America. about $300 on eBay
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    Where are all the 6.6 duramax vans?

    I’m glad to hear the Duramax is working out for all of you. A good friend worked for a tow company... he told me the Duramax they had kept blowing head gaskets. He had a low opinion of the Duramax. 6.0 Fords were even worse.... in contrast the 7.3 truck’s hour meter had been pinned at 99,999...
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    1996 Ford Ambulance - AMP light on, and voltage/amperage meter going fubar

    Voltage seems high. Is that with an ambulance package gauge or a digital multimeter? My gauge reads about 1/2 a volt high. Voltage should be 15v max. Amperage should drop to about 50 amps in 5-10 minutes. many shops will test your alternator & batteries free of charge: also clean all contacts...
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    Moog CC880S coils

    Come to think of it, that was the case for both my ‘97 front end & my ‘01 front end with OEM coils. I mixed and matched front end components and have never removed the bell retainer. The Moog coils were no that regard.
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    Moog CC880S coils

    Both my OEM coils and the 880s would lift off the retainer if tipped to the right angle... but otherwise they stay in place. The fit was the same as stock.
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    Flagstaff. The 2009 Ford E350 Crestline Ambulance Build

    Keep us posted on how the batteries work out... G/C are working, but I may win the lottery if I’m given a ticket (or have saved enough not buying them). :D
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    Hello from germany!

    @Weldtec Designs has done a lot with these vans... thoughts for a member in Germany? I’m not familiar with Chevy... Econoline would be a different story.
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    Saginaw pump pressure output on P/S conversions can be altered. Too much pressure and all road feel is lost vs too little and hard steering. There’s a spring and rod which control it... Likely similar for our steering. Too much pressure and steering boxes will eventually sufffer with big tires.
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    Unicell SRW

    Any boat shop that repairs fibreglass boats would be able to repair the body. Fibreglass is easier to repair than steel.
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    97 E350 Crestline Ambo Build/Mod

    They also like this... although the 40 will likely be going out today instead.
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    New Canadian Ambo build

    Crestlines don’t vary all that much. The JI unit is the long wheelbase variation,
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    New Canadian Ambo build

    I see the Justice Institute has sold one of their ambos.
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    New Canadian Ambo build

    I’m sure Dave will reply. From what I’ve read it’s very doable with a large cherry picker. It is a huge job as it requires stripping everything out of the front of the van that can be removed. I believe time is the most major factor. I’ve not pulled a 7.3, however, I’ve had all of the grill...
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    New Canadian Ambo build

    Excellent my friend. We’ll have to meet up again soon. My build is going slowly... much like molasses at this time of year. I’ve got three sheets of 1/8” HDPE (High density Polyethylene) to replace the damaged plastic on my left interior... was given it this summer, and just haven’t had time to...
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    New Canadian Ambo build

    If there’s an unwanted 60” grab bar, I’m still looking for one. Otherwise I’ll have to buy some stainless wire and build one out of the grab bars I’ve got laying around.