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  • Hello BWJ,
    Did you find a solution for converting your 6x5.5 to 5x150 hubs? I'm converting an m1101 to electric brakes and new hubs so went with the closest pattern with converting being doable.

    I ordered and received the ez accessory adapters but they are of dubious quality.

    Thank you,

    Dallas TX
    I was just reading about your trailer build. Very interesting.

    You caught my attention when you mentioned Kansas, Lee's Summitt, etc. I live northeast of Kansas City, near Liberty. Last April my wife and I, purchased an Chaser trailer from Adventure Trailer.


    We've really enjoyed dragging that thing into the back country. So far the wife and I have been to Apache Junction, Flagstaff, Moab, Ouray, Silverton, Telluride, Durango, and Sante Fe. The trailer has been great! I'm guessing we've spent probably 30 nights in it since April. My son and I are taking the trailer to western Kansas for the opening day of pheasant season. We'll see how well the tent heater works. Using this unit from Adventure Trailer:


    safe travels....Mark
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